Fish Habitat & River Restoration


Salmon Habitat Restoration Projects: Boulder Weir and Log Jam on the North Fork Coquille River, Coos County, Coquille Watershed (photos, K. Miles)

Bandon Community Radio’s Executive Director, Kelly Miles, is a current Port of Bandon Commissioner and spent nearly 8 years as the Director of the Coquille Watershed Association in Coquille, Oregon. She is passionate about marine and river ecology, and was fortunate to work with many fine landowners and biologists on dozens of salmon habitat restoration and water quality projects. To find out how you can help the southern & coastal watersheds in Oregon, visit these links:

Coquille Watershed Association
Coos Watershed Association
Umpqua Watersheds
Wild Rivers Land Trust
MidCoast Watersheds Council
Oregon Coast Alliance


While with the Watershed Association, Kelly was honored to work with renowned fish passage engineer, Răzvan Voicu, PhD, on river restoration papers published in the Transylvanian Review of Systematical and Ecological Research in Sibiu, Romania. You can view some of Dr. Voicu’s papers below:

New Paper!  Caras River Gorge Aspects of Salmonids Communities Management

Fish Migration System Over A Wooden Discharge Sill Located On The Bistra Marului River
The Wetlands Diversity Complete Volume
Improving Upstream & Downstream Fish Passage at Retis Dam on Hartibaciu River
Facilitation Fish Migration Above The Discharge Sill Located On The Ialomiţa River Near Cave Ialomicioara
Design Of Hatch Operation System For Fish Migrating Upstream-Downstream Of The Discharge Sill
Cottus Gobio Linnaeus, Ecological Status And Management Elements In Maramureş Mountains Nature Park (Romania)


The 2018 International Conference on River Connectivity (Fish Passage 2018) was a success!

Dr. Răzvan Voicu at Charles Sturt University in Albury, New South Wales, Australia (pictures, R. Voicu)

Dr. Voicu was invited to the Fish Passage 2018 Conference in December to participate in an international workshop on Irrigation, Fisheries and Sustainable Development Goals, and to provide unique perspectives from Romania with specific reference to irrigation development in the Danube catchment given his extensive experience in this field.

Dr. Voicu found the conference to be very valuable and Australia to be a beautiful & interesting country. Check back to find the publication he contributed to when it becomes available!