About Us

Bandon Community Radio operates KBOG-LP 97.9, a low-power FM radio station that was created to provide an independent voice for our community.
Listener-supported KBOG’s Mission is to celebrate, educate, entertain & connect diverse populations through inclusive programming that embraces and promotes cultural affairs, music, arts & humanities, local events, and news and topics that are important to our community.
The call letters, “KBOG”, were chosen to honor our cranberry community and “bogging” families.

Our purpose is to develop participatory community radio as a tool for open expression and progress that empowers our listeners. We aspire to serve as a medium for change & growth where the exchange of ideas and celebration of diversity create optimistic and resilient communities that enrich the human experience. Our vision is broad and includes:

o          Locally-produced radio programs on music & topics of interest

o          Access and programming for community members & students

o          Encouragement, training and support for individuals & groups to create their own shows

o          Broadcast time for local musicians, story tellers & other creative voices

o          Remote broadcasting from activities such as local concerts, festivals & events

We aim to facilitate the development of quality, innovative programming by providing media literacy training and public access to production equipment for the creation and distribution of local content, including programs that showcase works by local, independent artists & musicians, document the unique archaeology and heritage of Bandon, provide news coverage of traditionally underrepresented groups & encourage the educational, artistic & experimental uses of radio. KBOG exists to enhance the lives of our community through inspiring and stimulating programming that reflects the unique character of the beautiful “dark coast”, while uniting us with our neighbors in the larger global community.

KBOG Radio is supported by contributions from generous listeners like you
as well as grant funding from:

Trust Management Services, LLC

Bandon Community Radio was established in Bandon, OR with the FCC Non-Commercial Educational license granted in January 2017, and IRS tax-exemption status was received in June, 2017.