Let Us Be Your Voice and Support Your Community Radio Station at the Same Time!

While KBOG is a non-commercial station, we do look for station sponsors, or “underwriters.” Underwriting at KBOG helps cover ongoing radio station operation expenses by providing support for KBOG in exchange for an announcement on-air during one of our programs, which lets our listeners know that your business is an appreciated member of KBOG.

Underwriting announcements include:
  • The name and location of your business
  • The type of business and the product/service offered
  • Contact Information – Website, email and/or phone number
Underwriting announcements can not include:
  • Any mention of price, even if it’s “Free”
  • Any calls to action or inducement to purchase
  • Any competitive or comparative language
Sample On-air Underwriting Acknowledgement:

*KBOG is supported in part by (your business name), featuring (description of your products or services). (Business name) is located at __________. You can find more information at (phone and/or website, depending on time).

Benefits to you:
  • Affordable Rates – Underwriting acknowledgements are very affordable and available in a variety of packages for multiple spots.
  • Minimum Clutter – With a limited number of announcements per hour, your message receives maximum attention.
  • Exposure – Community radio listeners support businesses that support their community station. Underwriters can also have their logo with a link to their website displayed on the kbog.org website for the duration of their underwriting so that listeners can find out more about their business.
  • Character – Underwriting enhances your image, projects quality and stability resulting in listeners being more apt to do business with the underwriter if the price and quality are the same.
  • Cooperative Spirit – On-air underwriting demonstrates your commitment to the community and reminds your target market of your organization’s availability. By supporting KBOG, you are supporting culture, diversity, education and direct community interaction.
For More Information and a tailored pricing package:

email: contact@kbog.org or call: 541-329-2123