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Cheyanne Summer returns with genre-defying track ‘Circles’ featuring her signature soulful vocals and mesmerizing songwriting talent. With notable pop-rock, R&B and folk influences, Cheyanne’s shimmering vocals glide across an understated guitar riff for a laid-back, summery yet sultry sound. ‘Circles’ features a host of talented session musicians  that contribute violin motifs, sparkling piano sounds and a steady pulse that highlight Cheyanne’s gorgeous vocal melodies.

‘Circles’ features a host of talented session musicians, contributing violin motifs, sparkling piano sounds and a slow-rock drum beat; harmonic and perfectly complimenting Cheyanne’s gorgeous vocal melodies. Cheyanne adds: “This song was inspired by feeling like I can’t break free from how people view me and how they think I’m supposed to be”. Melancholic and wistful, Cheyanne sets out to prove those people wrong on ‘Circles’.

Have a listen below and then head to Peach Jam Records to get your copy available on multiple platforms!



CHOMOLUNGMA is a music project, combining ethno and grunge. Shamanistic rituals of Siberia, the rhythms of African drums, the polyphony of black American gospel songs, the melodic swing of Irish songs, and all this, multiplied by the insane drive of grunge, combined into a single breed of a band named after the highest mountain in the world. The music of “Chomolungma” was born somewhere in the air between Seattle, Tyva, the rocks of Cork, and the Tanzanian savannas.

The main language of the songs of the debut album is English, but it also has songs and inserts in Russian and Hindi, because there is only one language for real music, the language of the music itself!

The author and vocalist of the project Natasha Starikova lives near Moscow on the edge of a large forest area. She communicates with elk and wild boar almost as often as with humans, rescuing beetles and earthworms on the asphalt so that they are not crushed by people with their shoes. Sometimes it seems that she is a big child who does not want to grow up. But after talking more closely, you understand: this naivety is a conscious life position that allows her to maintain sincerity and creativity, without being disappointed with life, which gives her the strength to create unique, unlike anything else music.

Have a listen to a few tunes below, and then head to SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp to hear more and grab your copy!




Seriously “UNDER THE RADAR” best describes Hip-Hop Artist J-Roll. A Chicago native, J-Roll has 7 cds to his credit and is one of the hottest unheard indie artists out here. J-Roll can go line for line, blow for blow and can flow with the best of them
Also recording under Fakoli and Smov & Fakoli, J-Roll can switch up from hip hop to r&b and still make good music. Some of J-Roll’s influences are: KRs-One, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Eric B & Rakim, NWA, Too Short and Spice 1 to name a few
If given the opportunity to shine, J-Roll will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. Check out 2 tracks from Turn Up below (edited here, but you can hear the unedited versions on Indie Artists After Dark on Wednesday nights) and then head to iTunes to get yours!




Los Angeles natives YVR, made up of Courtney Jenaé Stahl and Stephen Stahl are quickly making a name for themselves with ear candy pop sensibility and cleverly crafted songs. The name YVR comes from the Vancouver airport code which is where the couple got engaged. In the early days of their music careers, the married couple turned to songwriting as a way to pay the bills and soon found themselves in the far east shaping the global K-POP sound for super groups like EXO, Red Velvet, Girls Generation and many others. With over five million records sold and a combined 10 number one singles (two of which have reached #1 on the Billboard World Album Charts), the duo was ready to start their own artist journey.

YVR has since released 2 EP’s “Night Days” and “How Have You Been?” which have garnered critical acclaim from American Songwriter, HollywoodLife, Earmilk, VoyageLA, WFNM, STEEREO and more. They had their first tour with Sofar Sounds in early 2020 before Covid-19 hit and were scheduled to play at the world renowned South by Southwest festival. During lockdown, the couple has taken this time to do what they love most, write new music. They released their newest hit singles “Out Of It” and “What If” in 2021 and have more to follow.

Have a listen to their new tracks below, and then head to YVR to grab your copy and Spotify to check out their other tunes!


Keeley Shade

Canadian born – New Zealand raised, singer-songwriter Keeley Shade has emerged with music that takes the visual lyricism of Elton John and churns it through Bon Iver-esque production, while retaining familiar pop conventions. Her debut single On My Mind received acclamation from a number of media, as well as landed a spot on the Hot NZ Singles Top 20 in March, NZ On Air’s New Tracks and RadioScope’s Kiwi Pop playlist.

Her follow up five track EP Give Me Time, a project that’s been a year and a half in the making, dropped last month. Give Me Time is Shade’s response to a difficult two years that included her parents divorce. It’s a poignant expression of the desperation, loss and growth we experience whether we’re 25 or 75.

Not knowing how to use Logic Pro just eight months ago, Shade produced and co-mixed the entire EP herself, with several Auckland musicians and engineers involved in recording and mastering. Created in both her bedroom and various professional studios, this release contains heart and an attention to detail missing from a lot of modern music.

Have a listen to her ethereal, lyrical tracks from Give Me Time below, and then head to Keeley Shade to grab your copy, available on all platforms!


Max Earnshaw

Max Earnshaw is a 23-year old New Zealand artist creating a unique blend of Pop and Rock music. Influenced at an early age by bands like Kings Of Leon & Arctic Monkeys, he discovered a love for song crafting. He spent his childhood busking on the streets of Christchurch. Now based in Auckland, Max has released 4 singles with recognition across the NZ charts, Rock Radio and Media. Max absolutely smashes it live across NZ venues alongside rising artists like There’s A Tuesday, Harry Parsons, The Raddlers, and Geoff Ong. His new rock single What We Made” dropped on May 21. “What We Made” is about walking away from a relationship and everything that was built together, good and bad. This multi-layered song was created during the first 2020 lockdown. This song is being pushed as part of NZ Music Month to Rock Radio and Media across the country.

Max is one to watch in the Auckland and NZ scene playing headline shows at venues like Cassette Nine, The Wine Cellar and Whammy Bar,as well as touring to The Powder Keg (Ohakune), and The Wunderbar (Christchurch).

Have a listen to “What We Made” below, and then head to Linktree to pre-order your copy and learn more about Max!



Lowbelly is back after a prolonged and traumatizing hiatus and are celebrating recovery from abuse and addiction with this playful collection of tunes. With the release of this album, Lowbelly is looking to heighten awareness of trauma in peoples’ lives. Your trauma is valid. And it gets better.

Lowbelly II is not their second album but it marks a new phase. After darkest of night, comes the dawn. This album is the sun breaking over the horizon. With it Lowbelly is re-emerging after a 13-year hiatus after some harrowing, near-death experiences. It’s a testament to triumph over trauma and an accomplishment despite addiction. It’s a monument to recovery. In the performances, you’ll hear anguish and desire, love and forgiveness, gratitude and grace. You’ll also hear the playfulness for which Lowbelly is known. Besides the long hiatus, the process of the album’s creation was also rife with questions and uncertainty. With the global pandemic came social distancing and travel restrictions. Separated by 800 miles, the album was completed over Zoom, Google Drive, and text messaging.

It’s an instrumental collection which is difficult to categorize but has elements of indie, jazz, pop, go-go, surf rock, sound experimentation, trap, Saharan blues. Lowbelly’s music is always exploring genres. Go forth fellow explorer, enjoy!

They are donating a portion of BANDCAMP sales to a local nonprofit that supports survivors of abuse, human trafficking, stalking, and assault in their recovery, so have a listen to a few tracks below and then head to BANDCAMP to grab your copy and do some good in the world!


Brian P Matheny

Brian P Matheny has released his 11-track album, “The Canary & The Cage”A growing sense of disappointment with the outcome of one’s life. Despair at one’s inability to construct a workable life in a period of collapsed definitions as to what makes for a meaningful existence. To quote F. Nietzsche, “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.”

The state of being when one can no longer find meaning in their suffering is the overall theme of “The Canary & The Cage.” Objectively, the title refers to the act of placing something as beautiful as a canary into a cage, and then placing the cage into a potentially life threatening environment to see if it is safe for others to follow. Subjectively, the title elucidates the metaphoric nature of our existence, one of both uncertainty and anxiety in a threatening place.

Have a listen to a few tracks from The Canary & The Cage and then head to Soundcloud to grab your playlist!


Vicious Rooster

Following the release of “The Moon Is Dancing”, Vicious Rooster returns with the energetic “Something Goin ‘On“, a song full of rhythm, sharp guitars and a voice that seeks to capture the attention of the audience. The single was mixed by Mikal Reid, who has worked with renowned artists such as Mick Jagger, Alice Cooper, Ben Harper, and Kenny Wayne Sheperd, among others.

Accompanied by his first music video, the single marks the beginning of a new stage in the career of singer-songwriter Juan Abella, in which he promises to bring his own share of rock to the music scene. The artist, discovering his passion for rock at an early age and after being part of several bands in Argentina, decided to pursue a solo project called Vicious Rooster. Under that name and after moving to Los Angeles, California, he released his first album “The Darkest Light” in 2017, and the single “The Moon Is Dancing” in August 2020. Vicious Rooster combines elements of classic rock with nuances of southern rock and a touch of grunge, influenced by elite artists such as Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes and Alice In Chains, among others, to create their forceful sound.

Have a listen to Something Goin’ On below, and then head to Vicious Rooster to snag your copy, available on all digital platforms!


Malea & the Tourists

Malea & the Tourists features some of the Northwest’s most dynamic musicians. The group is recognized as one of PDX’s hottest variety bands with a repertoire that spans all ages and genre preferences. Their cover selections offer a variety of genres including jazz, swing, pop, bossanova, R&B, Motown and light rock. Have a listen to a few tracks from “Have You Seen My Angel?” below, and then head to Malea & the Tourists to find virtual concerts, check out their social media and purchase/stream your copy!


Deborah Silver

“Deborah Silver’s strong and sultry vocals are seductive and soul soothing. Her talent and beauty are equally extraordinary. Whatever she sings she owns, making every note matter! One listen and you know… Deborah Silver is the real deal.”
~ Quincy Jones

That’s how Legend and Icon, Quincy Jones, describes Silver, who is back to follow up her acclaimed 2016 Billboard #1 chart-topping release, The Gold Standards, with a brand new full-length project, Glitter & Grits. Produced by the 10X Grammy winner Ray Benson and featuring musicians from his legendary outfit Asleep At The Will, Glitter & Grits reinforces Deborah’s immense versatility as she takes us on a journeythrough genres ranging from Jazz to Americana with a Texas swing flavor. This release has a special meaning to Deborah, because her “grit” recently helped her to recover from a 40-day bout with COVID-19 reinforcing her belief that all things are possible. When speaking about Glitter & Grits, Silver says “I am thrilled and honored to have created this album with the legendary Ray Benson and Asleep At The Wheel. Their incomparable western swing touch has brought these songs to life in a way that nobody else could have!”.

Have a listen to a few tracks below, find more info about Deborah at Deborah Silver Music and then head Here to grab your copy available on your favorite streaming platform!


David Hatton

One of KBOG’s favorite emerging Southern Rock Artists, David Hatton, has dropped his new single Rob The Man! Hailing from Winchester, KY, David’s been composing songs and making music for 15 years. With intoxicating guitar picking and its euphonic and stirring tone, Rob The Man is about how temp services make it possible for factories to work their workers almost non-stop. “Each week you think you’re gonna get a weekend off only to find it’s another mandatory weekend. It’s non stop. It’s sad…” ~ David Hatton

Have a listen below, and head to ReverbNation to grab your copy! (It’s also available on Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud too! Just search David Hatton)


Bryant Carter

New Single! – “My Life Story”

Bryant Carter is a singer, songwriter and left handed guitar player with diverse influences from many different music genres and it shows in his music, which is a mix of blues, rock, r&b and hip-hop. Bryant says: “Sometimes with my music, I have all instruments backing my songs in the studio and sometimes I write a song over a beat or add a beat to it along with my guitar and vocals like for this track, which sums up some of the moments in my life that have stood out the most. This is a song that I had needed to write for some time now and I’m glad I’ve finally done it. I wrote four pages of the most personal lyrics I’ve ever poured out over a beat and added some guitar to it and brought it to life. Call this bluesy hip-hop.

Check out “My Life Story” below, and then head to The Bryant C. Project Here, to learn more about Bryant, listen to his wide array of talent, and pick up your own copy available now on all platforms!


Mercy Shine

With influences ranging from Johnny Cash to Motley Crue, music from vocal duo Mercy Shine is sure to bring a new and fresh feel to the country-rock scene. Comprised of Jason Clark and Matt Barfield, Mercy Shine is unapologetically honest and true to themselves which helped them achieve success with their debut single “So Do I”.
Born and raised in the Tidewater area of VA, Jason and Matt spent years in the rock arena playing shows with some of the biggest names in the industry such as KISS, Godsmack, Fuel, Saliva and Deep Purple, to name a few. They are excited to bring their country-rock transformation to a whole new audience. The duo just released their new feel-good, radio single “Curves” along with their self titled EP which was produced by Kimo Forrest; guitarist/vocalist for the groups Alabama and Cash Creek.

Check out the fun new single, Curves, below, and then head to Spotify Here or iTunes Here to grab your copy, and find out more about them Here.



Deathtruck is an American heavy metal band with its origins in Palm Harbor, Florida. Founded by rhythm guitarist/vocalist Anthony Edmiston, former drummer Chase Henderson, lead guitarist/vocalist Chris Savopoulos and bassist/vocalist Peter Tavoularis, they’re finally back with new rhythm guitarist/vocalist Antonio Glass and drummer Connor Fass, and heavier than ever before.

“This was such an unexpected surprise. We took a shot and dropped our name in a link on Facebook to win a free studio session to record a song and won. Preston DiCarlo over at MasterSound Tampa was an all around awesome guy who made the entire process a blast. Any band trying to record in the Tampa area need to do themselves a favor and make the trip. We are so happy and lucky to be able to have the fun we have doing what we love. We can’t wait to announce more in the future! Enjoy”

The new Deathtruck Single “On the Shoulders of Giants” is now available online in all major stores and streaming sites! Head over to Bandcamp to check out the band and grab some cool merch Here.