Independent Artists Spotlight

Janet Bates

Music with meaning, songs with a story to tell. Janet writes songs about things that matter, after surviving a significant cancer 10 years ago, the title song is about letting that go. She has been compared often to Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell.

“Ten years ago, in 2009, I began work on my last album, LITTLE SPINNER. That same year, I was also diagnosed with cancer. I finished and released LITTLE SPINNER while undergoing surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Afterward, I took a hiatus from music to heal.

Cancer is a funny thing. I think the concept of remission gets misunderstood. Essentially, you get a diagnosis, they throw the kitchen sink at you with everything that is deemed appropriate, and then — you wait. We traveled to Mexico to mark the fifth anniversary of my cancer surgery, and that’s where I wrote the title song for IT IS HERE I LEAVE YOU, DRAGON. I felt like I could finally let it go; I set that dragon out to sea. So I dedicate this CD to all those who have been touched by cancer in some way” ~ Janet

It Is Here I Leave You Dragon is a song about moving on after a cancer, and We Had Come Seeking Peace is a song about the “Right To Return” march starting in April 2018, in Gaza, and how snipers shot women, children, doctors, journalists and protesters.

Check out the tracks below and then head to Janet’s site Here to hear more & get the CD! 




Deathtruck is an American heavy metal band with its origins in Palm Harbor, Florida. Founded by rhythm guitarist/vocalist Anthony Edmiston, former drummer Chase Henderson, lead guitarist/vocalist Chris Savopoulos and bassist/vocalist Peter Tavoularis, they’re finally back with new rhythm guitarist/vocalist Antonio Glass and drummer Connor Fass, and heavier than ever before.

“This was such an unexpected surprise. We took a shot and dropped our name in a link on Facebook to win a free studio session to record a song and won. Preston DiCarlo over at MasterSound Tampa was an all around awesome guy who made the entire process a blast. Any band trying to record in the Tampa area need to do themselves a favor and make the trip. We are so happy and lucky to be able to have the fun we have doing what we love. We can’t wait to announce more in the future! Enjoy”

The new Deathtruck Single “On the Shoulders of Giants” is now available online in all major stores and streaming sites! Head over to Bandcamp to check out the band and grab some cool merch Here.


Brad Strang

Hailing from British Columbia, Brad says; “As a young kid growing up on a raspberry farm, I used to stack the 33 rpm record player with Cosby Stills, Nash & Young, Bob Dylan, America and the likes. For some reason I was fascinated by how they structured and produced their songs/albums. I’ve noticed over the years that Music is like religion to me, sometimes I stray from it, but eventually we always have to reconnect, it’s who I am. As a young man I thought I could change the world…now that I am an “Old Fart”, I hope that I can “grease the skids for a few moments” and perhaps help someone through a difficult time, or even change their world a tiny bit, for the better.

As far as I can remember, I have always believed that we are in this together. What we do to each other and to this planet we call home, we do to ourselves… As we continue to “Trip Around the Sun”, I will continue to use Folk music (mixed with just about anything else that stirs the soul) to share my message of togetherness. May my music touch you in a positive and lasting way!”

Have a listen to some tracks, featuring vocals from Laurie Rathier, Laura Kelsey, Dave Prentice and Gage Landrud, and then head over to Blue Mountain Rush to hear more and get the CD Here.


Steven Graves

“How Long”, Steven’s 8th CD, leans more heavily toward the roots rock realms and even explores a new side with elements of gospel, soul, and R&B. Even so, there’s plenty of Americana, Country, and Jam/Dead influences present throughout the CD and like all of Steven’s music is woven together by finely crafted songwriting. The title and chorus lyrics of each song tell a story. The whole and extraordinary musicianship by Steven’s touring band and special guests. How Long couldn’t be any more perfectly timed given the current state of our world, music, and culture. The music connects the listener with a “collective consciousness” and desire for a more peaceful world all the while laying down undeniable and “impossible not to like” deep pocket grooves!  

To learn more, grab the CD and see the tour schedule, check out his website Here.


Gary Blackburn

Like most artists, music has been his passion for a very long time. As a youngster, listening to his heroes that shaped and influenced him into what he is now, Gary still looks to have his own personal style. When you listen to his songs, Gary’s intention is that “Gary Blackburn” comes across, instead of, “Hey he sounds like whatshisname”. It has been a very long journey from his early days of playing at friend’s parties and wedding ceremonies to the present. Now Gary feels like he can say, “I have paid my dues to sing the blues”. Those few close friends who know Gary will understand that, and when he gets up on stage you can see, feel, and hear the emotion when he performs. Okay, enough of the tortured artist. As a Singer/Songwriter, Gary brings together his smooth vocals and stylized guitar picking to form his own unique sound in the Country, Blues, Rock genre. With such influences from James Taylor, Hank Williams Sr. to Dwight Yoakam. Developing his own personal style to his originals, blending old school with contemporary, along with an intimate and emotional stage presence, you will no doubt connect with his musical performance. Currently, Gary is front man in the Gary Blackburn Band. Check out a few tracks from Gary’s new album, Streak of Gray, below and then head to his tour schedule & booking information Here.


Beth Wood

Beth Wood’s The Long Road, is the Portland, OR.-based singer-songwriter’s 11th studio album. Raised in Lubbock, Texas followed by stops in North Carolina, Georgia and Colorado, Beth tours the country performing over 100 dates a year at clubs, house concerts and festivals. The new album was produced by Tyler Fortier at The Rye Room in Portland. Guest artists include Anna Tivel, Jeffrey Martin and Peter Mulvey. To find out more about Beth and the new album, check out her website Here.