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Deborah Silver

“Deborah Silver’s strong and sultry vocals are seductive and soul soothing. Her talent and beauty are equally extraordinary. Whatever she sings she owns, making every note matter! One listen and you know… Deborah Silver is the real deal.”
~ Quincy Jones

That’s how Legend and Icon, Quincy Jones, describes Silver, who is back to follow up her acclaimed 2016 Billboard #1 chart-topping release, The Gold Standards, with a brand new full-length project, Glitter & Grits. Produced by the 10X Grammy winner Ray Benson and featuring musicians from his legendary outfit Asleep At The Will, Glitter & Grits reinforces Deborah’s immense versatility as she takes us on a journeythrough genres ranging from Jazz to Americana with a Texas swing flavor. This release has a special meaning to Deborah, because her “grit” recently helped her to recover from a 40-day bout with COVID-19 reinforcing her belief that all things are possible. When speaking about Glitter & Grits, Silver says “I am thrilled and honored to have created this album with the legendary Ray Benson and Asleep At The Wheel. Their incomparable western swing touch has brought these songs to life in a way that nobody else could have!”.

Have a listen to a few tracks below, find more info about Deborah at Deborah Silver Music and then head Here to grab your copy available on your favorite streaming platform!


Bill Wence

It’s the 15 Year Anniversary Re-Release of Bill Wence’s “Songs from the Rocky Fork Tavern”!

Bill started playing piano in his early teens in Salinas, California in the 50’s. He worked in the lettuce fields in the summers with the “braceros” and started playing piano with Bobby Bare during his junior year in High School while Bare was stationed in the Army at nearby Fort Ord. He worked the “honky tonks” in California, Oregon and Alaska throughout the 60’s, moving to Nashville in 1973, where he hit the road, working with Tom T. Hall for over 1000 shows. He had cuts as a writer by Ronnie McDowell, Cristy Lane and others, as well as having four consecutive Billboard singles under his name on the Country charts in 1979-80.

Tiring of the road life, Bill opened up his radio promotions company in 1980 and he still has a very successful company to this day. He never did stop writing songs and put out a top 30 Americana album in 2001 called “California Callin’.” 615 Records and Bill hope you enjoy his new album, “Songs from the Rocky Fork Tavern.” They’ve been a long time comin’.

Listen to a few “Songs From The Rocky Fork Tavern” below and and then head to AllMusic and Apple Music to grab your copy!


Cassidy Paris

Introducing 17 year old Cassidy Paris from Melbourne, Australia! Following in the footsteps of female rockers Avril Lavigne, Pink and Lzzy Hale, Cassidy Paris promotes girl power by bringing back rock chick fronted melodic pop rock.

Cassidy has released three singles so far – with all of them making a mark worldwide. Cassidy’s debut single ‘Talk About It’ brings back hooks and a very catchy chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. Her second single, ‘Stand’ is a heartfelt account of what it’s like to be a teenager, stressing the importance of standing up for yourself. Cassidy’s third single ‘Walking On Fire’ impressed again with its feelgood upbeat and instant catchy melodies & lyrics. She has performed live in Japan, playing a run of shows in Tokyo, and in the United States at Melodic Rock Fest wowing audiences with her infectious rock ‘n roll poptastic songs.

Cassidy has also played lots of hometown shows around Melbourne by playing acoustic shows at many schools, enjoying the personal side of meeting fans.
Although only 17, Cassidy has grown up with music from a very early age. With influences ranging from the classics such as Heart, Kiss, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett and Def Leppard, to more recent artists like Taylor Swift (lucky enough to meet her idol Taylor Swift at the age of 8 years of age), H.E.A.T and The Chvrches, Cassidy is ready to make her own mark on music.

Check out a couple of tracks below and then head Here to get her ep/cd ‘Broken Hearted‘ out now!


Cheryl Cawood

Cheryl Cawood presents an edgy Country/Blues/Folk vibe. Her delivery varies intricately between soft and simple to downright powerful. Imagine a sultry blend of Stevie Nicks & Bonnie Raitt’s vocal styles topped off with a touch of Lucinda Williams & Iris Dement!

Up until now her life has been anything but typical. She’s lived a musicians lifestyle since 25 yrs old while balancing a job and family. How did that work out? Well, to date she has survived several divorces and love relationships. I guess she could blame it on a strained relationship with her mother? Who knows? Then along comes the National Disaster known as The Opioid Epidemic which wreaked total havoc! The turn of the century pretty much sucked the life blood out of any semblance of normalcy for Cheryl and her family. It was time for more soul searching! Not much beats a good ole session of songwriting for therapy. Cheryl is certainly no stranger to turning to music when life gets mean and knocks the dominoes down. “When the heart aches… pour it out into the universe via your very own vehicle. Write a song dammit!”

Cawood’s latest release, “Love, ~pearl,” is an eclectic, fun and tasteful mix written or co-written by Cawood, with a couple of tracks written by two of her favorite Texas songwriters, Dale Watson and White Cat Studios owner and Houston music icon, Jack Saunders. The album gets its title from Cawood’s childhood nickname, bestowed upon her by her beloved Dad. Cawood explained, “My dad was a happy and fun man, and had a sing-song way about him. He pronounced my name “Shirl,” which rhymes with pearl,” Cawood explained. “Lots of my huge family call me Pearl,” she added.

Have a listen to a few tracks below and then head to Cheyl Cawood at CDBaby to get your copy!


Mean Mary

Cold is the newest and most intimate release to date from award-winning musician/writer, Mean Mary (Mary James). The moody, almost gothic, lyrics and dark melodies take the listener through the colder seasons of the year and of the heart. Produced by Mary James, the album features all original songs with some lyrics taken straight from her journal entries.

As usual on a Mean Mary project, Mary provides the bulk of vocals and instrumentation to the songs but her family is always there as the unsung heroes. Brother, Frank James, adds his unusual guitar style and harmonies to 4 of the tracks, and Mother (award-winning writer, Jean James) is the co-writer that blends her own brand of lyrics so seamlessly with her daughter’s.

Have a listen to a few tracks below and then head to Mean Mary’s site to get your copy, available across all platforms!


Kim Kondrashoff (feat. Sandra Capadouca)

The noted West Coast performer, Kim Kondrashoff, is an accomplished musician, singer, songwriter & veteran of numerous country & rock bands. Kim’s original compositions received a three star selection from Vancouver Province’s music critic Tom Harrison and his songs have been featured on C.B.C. Radio [“Coastals Grooves”] and independent radio stations world wide.

When people hear Sandra Capadouca sing, what comes to mind are singers such as Janis Joplin, Tina Turner & Joan Armatrading. Vancouver-based artist Sandra grew up in Kitsilano and began her musical life via her family home’s converted double garage into a recording studio. Along with her brother Peter Capadouca & friends, they began writing & performing their own music. Sandra later met up with west coast actor, musician & songwriter Kim Kondrashoff and has been lead & back up vocalist on Kim’s songs, many that were specifically written for her.

His latest original recording, Means Nothing To Me Now, is a real sad, old school, hurtin’ kind of country music (circa late 1950’s/early 1960’s), featuring Sandra on harmony vocals as well as Kim on lead harmony vocals, with some of Vancouver Canada’s finest session players: ​Tommy Hammel, steel guitar; Robbie Steiniger, electric & acoustic guitars; Miles Black, wurlitzer & stand up bass; and Jerry Adolphe on drums, along with Don Thompson on back ground vocals.

Produced by Don Thompson & Kim Kondrashoff. Engineer, Don Thompson. Recorded at Studio 56 in Delta B.C. Canada.

Song works well after you’ve had a few!

Have a listen below and then head to ReverbNation Here to grab your copies!


David Hatton

One of KBOG’s favorite emerging Southern Rock Artists, David Hatton, has dropped his new single Rob The Man! Hailing from Winchester, KY, David’s been composing songs and making music for 15 years. With intoxicating guitar picking and its euphonic and stirring tone, Rob The Man is about how temp services make it possible for factories to work their workers almost non-stop. “Each week you think you’re gonna get a weekend off only to find it’s another mandatory weekend. It’s non stop. It’s sad…” ~ David Hatton

Have a listen below, and head to ReverbNation to grab your copy! (It’s also available on Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud too! Just search David Hatton)


Shopfront Heroes

Shop Front Heroes are a five-piece original rock band from Mid-Wales. Described as an “intelligent bombardment” by Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales, their style hits you with elements of rock, pop, classic rock and alternative indie, with a taste for the epic and grandiose. Here for your enjoyment is their debut single, Kicking In (Jonny).

Members Stevie Yeomans (Lead Vocals and Piano), Jake Owen,(Lead Guitar), Matt Whitehouse (Drums) and Stuart Hill (Bass) were school friends and have known and made music with each other from way back in the day. After a few line up changes and with the addition of Tom Jaques (Guitar and Vocals), they formed Shop Front Heroes in early 2017 with clear intentions: #SavingBritishRock. Currently booking gigs and festivals as well as finalizing some brand new tracks and videos, Shop Front Heroes look forward to releasing new material this year and rocking out to audiences all over the country.

Have a listen below and the head to their website to grab your copy!


Liberty Lies

Liberty Lies are a five-piece hard rock band from Wednesbury, West Midlands, formed in 2008 and made up of Shaun Richards (Lead Vocals), Josh Pritchett (Guitar), Adam Stevens (Drums), Liam Billings (Guitar) and Miles Bagshaw (Bass). Early on, Liberty Lies reached the grand final of ‘The Live Band of the Year’ competition in Wolverhampton where, with only a small catalogue of original material, they achieved a second place. As time went on and the band began to grow they managed to get tours with bands such as; Magnum, Slaves to Gravity, Black Spiders, Towers Of London and Richie Kotzen. In December 2010, after receiving a maximum point score and being labeled “one of the best unsigned bands in the country” in the Highway 2 Hell competition in Glasgow, Liberty Lies earned themselves a slot in the line-up of Hard Rock Hell IV, alongside bands such as Airbourne, Saxon, UFO, Skid Row, Hardcore Superstar and many more.

Now Liberty Lies has released “It’s The Hope That Kills You”, featuring 12 blistering tracks (the physical copy features an extra 2 bonus songs!), check out “United Nothing” below, and then head To Their Site to get tour dates, cool merch and grab your signed copy!


Max Earnshaw

After growing up as a performer and songwriter busking on the streets of Christchurch from the early age of 8, Max began performing solo and as a front man winning the SFRQ Regional Final and playing major events such as Christmas In The Park. Max can be found smashing the Auckland live scene at venues like The Wine Cellar alongside emerging NZ acts, and collaborating with artists such as the Skeleton of Colour (a Los Angeles based smoke artist) in his debut video.

Fresh off the release of his debut single “Temporarily”, he is currently an active solo artist backed by a driven live band. He recently made his radio debut on RNZ and KAOS FM, and his debut with NZ media including The 13th Floor and NZ Entertainment Podcast. He can also be found performing his heart out at venues like The Wine Cellar alongside emerging NZ acts like Harry Parsons and Only Brothers.

Supported by blues and jazz influences, his rock/pop sound is undoubtedly unique, and his stage persona has an infectious energy and a captivating look – he will draw you in with his highly engaging, upbeat music and astute lyrics. He will stir you up and make you think about what’s at stake.

His follow up single ‘Lonely Love’, that describes emotional heartbreak paired with epic driven rock music, dropped in November. Check out the track below and then head to his site Here to watch some videos and grab your copy, available on all major platforms!


The Celtic Kitchen Party

Welcome to The Celtic Kitchen Party!

Boasting a diversity of talent The Celtic Kitchen Party plays a mix of their own originals as well as traditional and contemporary East Coast, Irish and Scottish Celtic Music with just the right dash of Pop, Classic Rock and Country! They bring a lively high energy performance to any venue for a night you and your guests are sure to remember. CKP has shared the stage with The Mudmen, The Mahones, Sean McCann, Next Generation Leahy and Queens Bands to name a few. Career highlights include; Iqaluit Humane Society fundraiser (NUNAVUT), Ottawa Grey Cup Festival (Atlantic Schooners & Spirit of Edmonton), Brockville & Bath Tall Ships Festivals, Stirling Festival Theatre, The Perth Kilt Run, Fort Henry, Kingston RibFest and many of Ontario’s Canadian Forces Bases.

The lads are hard at work promoting their most recent ALBUM titled “Sociable!” [release September 3] which is seated somewhere between upbeat party tunes and beautiful folk storytelling to creative re-imaginings of traditional favourites. They are also pushing forward with the successful SONG OF THE MONTH CLUB sponsored by Patrons. So, what exactly is a Patron? You know how theaters have a plaque listing all the people who have financially helped them out? EXACTLY THAT! Check out our WALL OF PATRONS and click Here to find out how you can join the SONG OF THE MONTH CLUB. Set your event apart – be prepared to dance and sing along to some of the best party music ever made. Period.

Check out a few tracks below and then head to the band’s site Here to find tour dates, grab some cool merch and get your copy of Sociable!


Bryant Carter

New Single! – “My Life Story”

Bryant Carter is a singer, songwriter and left handed guitar player with diverse influences from many different music genres and it shows in his music, which is a mix of blues, rock, r&b and hip-hop. Bryant says: “Sometimes with my music, I have all instruments backing my songs in the studio and sometimes I write a song over a beat or add a beat to it along with my guitar and vocals like for this track, which sums up some of the moments in my life that have stood out the most. This is a song that I had needed to write for some time now and I’m glad I’ve finally done it. I wrote four pages of the most personal lyrics I’ve ever poured out over a beat and added some guitar to it and brought it to life. Call this bluesy hip-hop.

Check out “My Life Story” below, and then head to The Bryant C. Project Here, to learn more about Bryant, listen to his wide array of talent, and pick up your own copy available now on all platforms!


Lil $ithlord – debut single!

Shout out to our Florida friends! Lil $ithlord’s debut single “Nightmare” is now available on all major platforms!

Lil $ithlord’s music is heavily influenced by his feelings of sadness and anger from situations in his life, while still enjoying the process of writing music. When Lil $ithlord writes his tracks, they are a direct expression of his emotions and are carefully constructed to portray the inner workings of his mind. He believes others should be able to express themselves freely; to do exactly what they want to do and say exactly what they want to say, in order to portray their message to the world.

Check out Nightmare below, and then head to your platform of choice or CD Baby Here to get your copy and join KBOG in supporting Independent Artists!


RJ Chesney

RJ Chesney has deep roots in the South, having grown up in Macon Georgia and Biloxi Mississippi. His voice is deep and sonorous with a twang. Country, folk , gospel and blues, breathe and inspire his songs. RJ evokes Hank Williams Sr. meets John Prine with a little Townes Van Zandt thrown in. RJ has toured America and Europe and has earned a very loyal following. In addition to performing his own music RJ has also become a regular in the notable Americana Roadhouse Series in Los Angeles.

RJ’s new album, Amateur Revolution (the origin of AMATEUR is latin “amator” meaning LOVER, we are lovers of music), is a collaboration with notable Norwegian Producer-Composer HP Gundersen and Los Angeles Producer Jason Hiller. The new album features great musicians from both the Los Angeles and Bergen, Norway music scenes. An advance review of the new album has already declared; “’Amateur Revolution’ is one of the most beautiful, and outstanding Americana albums of the year.” Christian Anger – Road Tracks Magazine (Germany) Winter 2019 Edition.

Have a listen to a few tracks below, and then head to the website to learn more and grab your CD or vinyl Here.


Mercy Shine

With influences ranging from Johnny Cash to Motley Crue, music from vocal duo Mercy Shine is sure to bring a new and fresh feel to the country-rock scene. Comprised of Jason Clark and Matt Barfield, Mercy Shine is unapologetically honest and true to themselves which helped them achieve success with their debut single “So Do I”.
Born and raised in the Tidewater area of VA, Jason and Matt spent years in the rock arena playing shows with some of the biggest names in the industry such as KISS, Godsmack, Fuel, Saliva and Deep Purple, to name a few. They are excited to bring their country-rock transformation to a whole new audience. The duo just released their new feel-good, radio single “Curves” along with their self titled EP which was produced by Kimo Forrest; guitarist/vocalist for the groups Alabama and Cash Creek.

Check out the fun new single, Curves, below, and then head to Spotify Here or iTunes Here to grab your copy, and find out more about them Here.



Deathtruck is an American heavy metal band with its origins in Palm Harbor, Florida. Founded by rhythm guitarist/vocalist Anthony Edmiston, former drummer Chase Henderson, lead guitarist/vocalist Chris Savopoulos and bassist/vocalist Peter Tavoularis, they’re finally back with new rhythm guitarist/vocalist Antonio Glass and drummer Connor Fass, and heavier than ever before.

“This was such an unexpected surprise. We took a shot and dropped our name in a link on Facebook to win a free studio session to record a song and won. Preston DiCarlo over at MasterSound Tampa was an all around awesome guy who made the entire process a blast. Any band trying to record in the Tampa area need to do themselves a favor and make the trip. We are so happy and lucky to be able to have the fun we have doing what we love. We can’t wait to announce more in the future! Enjoy”

The new Deathtruck Single “On the Shoulders of Giants” is now available online in all major stores and streaming sites! Head over to Bandcamp to check out the band and grab some cool merch Here.