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The Celtic Kitchen Party

Welcome to The Celtic Kitchen Party!

Boasting a diversity of talent The Celtic Kitchen Party plays a mix of their own originals as well as traditional and contemporary East Coast, Irish and Scottish Celtic Music with just the right dash of Pop, Classic Rock and Country! They bring a lively high energy performance to any venue for a night you and your guests are sure to remember. CKP has shared the stage with The Mudmen, The Mahones, Sean McCann, Next Generation Leahy and Queens Bands to name a few. Career highlights include; Iqaluit Humane Society fundraiser (NUNAVUT), Ottawa Grey Cup Festival (Atlantic Schooners & Spirit of Edmonton), Brockville & Bath Tall Ships Festivals, Stirling Festival Theatre, The Perth Kilt Run, Fort Henry, Kingston RibFest and many of Ontario’s Canadian Forces Bases.

The lads are hard at work promoting their most recent ALBUM titled “Sociable!” [release September 3] which is seated somewhere between upbeat party tunes and beautiful folk storytelling to creative re-imaginings of traditional favourites. They are also pushing forward with the successful SONG OF THE MONTH CLUB sponsored by Patrons. So, what exactly is a Patron? You know how theaters have a plaque listing all the people who have financially helped them out? EXACTLY THAT! Check out our WALL OF PATRONS and click Here to find out how you can join the SONG OF THE MONTH CLUB. Set your event apart – be prepared to dance and sing along to some of the best party music ever made. Period.

Check out a few tracks below and then head to the band’s site Here to find tour dates, grab some cool merch and get your copy of Sociable!



Bryant Carter

New Single! – “My Life Story”

Bryant Carter is a singer, songwriter and left handed guitar player with diverse influences from many different music genres and it shows in his music, which is a mix of blues, rock, r&b and hip-hop. Bryant says: “Sometimes with my music, I have all instruments backing my songs in the studio and sometimes I write a song over a beat or add a beat to it along with my guitar and vocals like for this track, which sums up some of the moments in my life that have stood out the most. This is a song that I had needed to write for some time now and I’m glad I’ve finally done it. I wrote four pages of the most personal lyrics I’ve ever poured out over a beat and added some guitar to it and brought it to life. Call this bluesy hip-hop.

Check out “My Life Story” below, and then head to The Bryant C. Project Here, to learn more about Bryant, listen to his wide array of talent, and pick up your own copy available now on all platforms!


Judy Paster

Americana Artist Judy Paster has spent the last year writing and recording the Album, “LIKE STARDUST” with producer Bill McDermott of Omni Sound Studios, located on Music Row in Nashville. She has been sharpening her skills playing alongside hit songwriters and musicians at infamous Nashville venues such as 3rd and Lindsley, The Bluebird Cafe and The Listening Room. Judy takes her cues from legendary Singer Songwriters such as Carole King, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young with simple but powerful melodies that capture the heart and soul of the listener.

Paster incorporates a fresh folk country sound into cleverly and beautifully written songs. She makes you believe it when she sings, “…We open and close our hands, and change partners at the dance, We burn and shine just like the sky above us, and we go out like Stardust….” on the soon to be released title track ‘Like Stardust’. This speaks to the way she imagines our exit from this life could be – in a beautiful burst of Stardust.

Check out a few tracks below and then head to Judy’s site here to grab your copy on all major platforms, learn more about Judy and check out tour dates!


Bill Abernathy

Bill Abernathy mixes the best of Americana, Blues, Country, and even shades of Rock to perfection. It’s not often you come across an album or an artist that is equally strong lyrically and musically. “Crossing Willow Creek” has you covered on both fronts. ~ Buddy Nelson – JamSphere

“My inspiration for music comes from many places. Events that occur to me, my family, my friends, and sometimes to people I have never met. I find it interesting to let my imagination go regarding these events and see where it takes me. Hence the statement, “If you hear a song that sounds like it was written about you, it might have been. I am a pure lyrics first writer. I am a bit of a storyteller. I feel the story and lyrics tell me what the rest of the song is supposed to sound like. Due to the variety in the life events that eventually turn into my music, the final songs end up being quite diverse both lyrically and musically. I really enjoy the freedom to create this way, and many times I am quite surprised how the songs turn out.”

Check out a few tracks below, and then head to Bill’s store to grab your copy and some cool merch!

S.E.Willis and the Willing

S.E.Willis, originally from West Virginia, has been playing the piano and harmonica since the age of six, and organ and accordion since his teens. He started playing in rock and roll bands along Arizona’s stretch of Route 66 in 1967. Willis’ music is deeply rooted in traditional American forms: blues, boogie-woogie, country, rockabilly, gospel, zydeco. A veteran band leader, S.E. (Steve) Willis has taken a supporting role in bands with such artists as Chuck Berry, Bo Diddly, Albert King, Jimmy Rogers, Roy Gaines, and, since 2000, Elvin Bishop (his accordion features prominently on the 2014 release “Can’t Even Do Wrong Right”).

About the new album, “Too Much Love”, Steve says “It was 2015 and we were standing on the stage at the Blues Foundation’s Awards show in Memphis, named as Band of the Year for our work with Elvin Bishop. When my turn came to speak all I could think was: “I love this band!” We aren’t the Elvin Bishop Band anymore, but we still love making music together. There’s a lot of experience here. I’ve been a working musician for 50 years now, much of that time spent in bars in the Southwest, playing rock and roll, country and blues for the local folks. Bobby Cochran’s been at it longer than me, starting in marching bands, drum-line, and the Army band during the Vietnam years. It was the army that brought him from South Carolina to Oakland, CA to join Bobby Freeman backing Carol Doda, the original topless dancer, then the Edwin Hawkins Singers, Cold Blood, Tom Fogerty and many more. Ruth Davies is an Oakland native, born and raised, and an integral part of the Bay Area jazz scene since high school. She was in Charles Brown’s great band through the 80’s and has since worked with John Lee Hooker, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, and too many others to name here. That’s the core of the band. The others: Nancy Wright, sax and vocals; Danny Caron, guitar; Bob Welsh, guitar; Marina Crouse, vocal; Christoffer “Kid” Andersen, guitars, percussion; Lisa Leuschner, vocals. I wrote all the songs here, with some help from Bobby and our friend Takezo Takeda. Some of the songs are a bit older, from an attempt to write a Honky Tonk musical set in Flagstaff, AZ (Tracks 2, 9,10, 11). The rest, beginning with Crawl Off and Die, are new, and are my attempt to deal with, mostly, love and death. It’s not beer and big-legged women, but it’s got a beat and you can dance to it. Too Much Love. As if there can ever be too much.” ~ Steve

Find out more Here Check out a few tracks below and then head to CD Baby to get your copy!


Lil $ithlord – debut single!

Shout out to our Florida friends! Lil $ithlord’s debut single “Nightmare” is now available on all major platforms!

Lil $ithlord’s music is heavily influenced by his feelings of sadness and anger from situations in his life, while still enjoying the process of writing music. When Lil $ithlord writes his tracks, they are a direct expression of his emotions and are carefully constructed to portray the inner workings of his mind. He believes others should be able to express themselves freely; to do exactly what they want to do and say exactly what they want to say, in order to portray their message to the world.

Check out Nightmare below, and then head to your platform of choice or CD Baby Here to get your copy and join KBOG in supporting Independent Artists!


CJ Teffner

CJ is a writer, performer and producer based in Phoenix, Arizona. A musician with many talents, CJ is taking his latest efforts to his new EP Siren’s Song, which features London-based singer Sovra as featured vocalist. CJ is a celebrated songwriter, studio musician, producer and mastering engineer. Accolades include studio sessions with legendary producer Murray Krugman (Blue Oyster Cult), James Ball (Aerosmith, Joan Jett), David Henry (REM) and such notable players as Steve Bowman (Counting Crows), Marko Lira (Trouble) and Ricky Porter (Godsmack).

Siren’s Song has four tracks, the originals Caught On The Side and the title track, Siren’s Song, were written with Sovra’s enchanted voice and unique style in mind. The two cover songs, Stand By Me and Life On Mars? are heavily re-imagined and bring the songs to very different places than the originals by drawing on different elements and angles of the songs. All of the songs are interconnected with influences from The Beatles, Queen, Kate Bush and The Cranberries.

Check out a couple of tunes below, and then head to Spotify Here or iTunes Here to listen and grab some more tunes!


Courtney Hale Revia and the Nightowls

A Southeast Texas born and raised Artist who finds balance between work and play. Since the young age of 5, Courtney has loved music. She started singing in church with her family and was educated in music through middle and high school years until continuing her search for more musical knowledge as an adult. Her first professional performance was with the Texas Renaissance Festival as an independent artist in 2004, the same year she graduated college. After 5 years of teaching mathematics she spent a few months of self study and became a certified music teacher. She has taught music both privately and in public education and has enjoyed many other opportunities since, including her present position as music director at her community church. Her debut album, “Simple Things”, was released November 2015 and her most recent work, “Tattered”, was released November 2018.

Watching her father write and play music all his life, being a singer songwriter herself in an area of Texas that needs more venues for original artists has been her inspiration in advocating for the art and the artist. Her motto is “Just because you aren’t a rose, doesn’t mean you can’t bloom as a dandelion”.

Check out a few tracks from “Tattered” below, and then head to her site Here to learn more and find tour dates!


Don Haynie & Sheryl Samuel

Don Haynie & Sheryl Samuel set out once again to capture a little magic, and reach out to explore some new musical territory. Their base in upstate New York’s Hudson Valley is also home to some of the best musicians anywhere, and they have pulled together some great support from keyboard and accordion player Professor Louie, drummers Gary Burke and Randy Ciarlante, and bassist/engineer (& co-producer) Scott Petito, along with guest appearances by Bill Keith on banjo, Bobby Ingano from Hawai’i on lap steel guitar, and Steve Gorn on the bansuri flute.

From their album “Water From The Moon”, the title song tells a timeless story of the search for real love in this world, laced together by Steve Gorn’s bansuri flute work atop gradually building layers of guitars, percussion, and kalimba. “The Missionary’s Position” is a short-story in song form, born on a late-night drive through a seedy section of Spokane, Washington; there are many faces of love… and “It Sure Is Raining”– is just a nice, happy rainy day song…we need those, right?

Check out the tracks below, and then head to Haynie & Samuel’s site Here to hear more and pick up your copy!


Larry Joe Cashen

Larry Joe Cashen was born and raised in the tiny mountain town of Del Rio in the Houston Valley of East Tennessee. The son of sharecroppers and lumber workers, he picked up music at 8 years old. His aunt encouraged his natural inclination toward music by letting him play on her guitar. In the late 60s, Larry Joe started playing in bands but temporarily put his love of playing on hold after being drafted in the Army.

While serving in Vietnam, Cashen managed to escape the obvious pitfalls of drugs and alcohol, but was left with a lingering anxiety disorder and PTSD. Music played a significant role in his recovery and was offered a recording contract in 1977 after recording his first single, Old Magnolia. Unfortunately, PTSD wasn’t well understood at that time and Cashen could not accept the contract due to issues with the condition. Never giving up music entirely, he continued writing, playing, and even DJ-ing for a brief stint in the mid-90s. With over 300 songs written, many co-written with Floyd Parton and Allen Frizzell, Larry Joe finally released his first project, Jessie James, in 2006 and had two singles hit the top 50 of New Music Weekly. 2019 brings his most recent project Run Wild River Run: an original, creative mix of blues, campfire country, and rock.

Check out a few tracks below and then head to Twitter Here to find out more about Larry & hear some more tunes!


RJ Chesney

RJ Chesney has deep roots in the South, having grown up in Macon Georgia and Biloxi Mississippi. His voice is deep and sonorous with a twang. Country, folk , gospel and blues, breathe and inspire his songs. RJ evokes Hank Williams Sr. meets John Prine with a little Townes Van Zandt thrown in. RJ has toured America and Europe and has earned a very loyal following. In addition to performing his own music RJ has also become a regular in the notable Americana Roadhouse Series in Los Angeles.

RJ’s new album, Amateur Revolution (the origin of AMATEUR is latin “amator” meaning LOVER, we are lovers of music), is a collaboration with notable Norwegian Producer-Composer HP Gundersen and Los Angeles Producer Jason Hiller. The new album features great musicians from both the Los Angeles and Bergen, Norway music scenes. An advance review of the new album has already declared; “’Amateur Revolution’ is one of the most beautiful, and outstanding Americana albums of the year.” Christian Anger – Road Tracks Magazine (Germany) Winter 2019 Edition.

Have a listen to a few tracks below, and then head to the website to learn more and grab your CD or vinyl Here.


Jamie Kindleyside

​”Kindleyside’s voice is gently gravelly, just on the smooth side of Steve Earle. He also has a fantastic picking style which combines the Delta blues picking of folks like Mississippi John Hurt and the more modern styles of Jorma Kaukonen or Leo Kotke . . . Kindleyside’s songs stand up to the best in folk and Americana…” ~Jeff Eason, Watauga Mountain Times

“He’s a gravelly-voiced fingerpicker influenced by Woody Guthrie and Mississippi John Hurt, and he writes about what he knows — life on the road, on the fringes and on the run.” ~Jack Silverman, ​Nashville Scene

“Jamie Kindleyside . . . a heart of gold, a mind of steel and a tongue to be reckoned with” ~Malcolm Holcombe, Universal/Hippo Records recording artist

Check out a few tracks below and then head to his site Here to grab your copy!


Mercy Shine

With influences ranging from Johnny Cash to Motley Crue, music from vocal duo Mercy Shine is sure to bring a new and fresh feel to the country-rock scene. Comprised of Jason Clark and Matt Barfield, Mercy Shine is unapologetically honest and true to themselves which helped them achieve success with their debut single “So Do I”.
Born and raised in the Tidewater area of VA, Jason and Matt spent years in the rock arena playing shows with some of the biggest names in the industry such as KISS, Godsmack, Fuel, Saliva and Deep Purple, to name a few. They are excited to bring their country-rock transformation to a whole new audience. The duo just released their new feel-good, radio single “Curves” along with their self titled EP which was produced by Kimo Forrest; guitarist/vocalist for the groups Alabama and Cash Creek.

Check out the fun new single, Curves, below, and then head to Spotify Here or iTunes Here to grab your copy, and find out more about them Here.


Janet Bates

Music with meaning, songs with a story to tell. Janet writes songs about things that matter, after surviving a significant cancer 10 years ago, the title song is about letting that go. She has been compared often to Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell.

“Ten years ago, in 2009, I began work on my last album, LITTLE SPINNER. That same year, I was also diagnosed with cancer. I finished and released LITTLE SPINNER while undergoing surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Afterward, I took a hiatus from music to heal.

Cancer is a funny thing. I think the concept of remission gets misunderstood. Essentially, you get a diagnosis, they throw the kitchen sink at you with everything that is deemed appropriate, and then — you wait. We traveled to Mexico to mark the fifth anniversary of my cancer surgery, and that’s where I wrote the title song for IT IS HERE I LEAVE YOU, DRAGON. I felt like I could finally let it go; I set that dragon out to sea. So I dedicate this CD to all those who have been touched by cancer in some way” ~ Janet

It Is Here I Leave You Dragon is a song about moving on after a cancer, and We Had Come Seeking Peace is a song about the “Right To Return” march starting in April 2018, in Gaza, and how snipers shot women, children, doctors, journalists and protesters.

Check out the tracks below and then head to Janet’s site Here to hear more & get the CD!



Deathtruck is an American heavy metal band with its origins in Palm Harbor, Florida. Founded by rhythm guitarist/vocalist Anthony Edmiston, former drummer Chase Henderson, lead guitarist/vocalist Chris Savopoulos and bassist/vocalist Peter Tavoularis, they’re finally back with new rhythm guitarist/vocalist Antonio Glass and drummer Connor Fass, and heavier than ever before.

“This was such an unexpected surprise. We took a shot and dropped our name in a link on Facebook to win a free studio session to record a song and won. Preston DiCarlo over at MasterSound Tampa was an all around awesome guy who made the entire process a blast. Any band trying to record in the Tampa area need to do themselves a favor and make the trip. We are so happy and lucky to be able to have the fun we have doing what we love. We can’t wait to announce more in the future! Enjoy”

The new Deathtruck Single “On the Shoulders of Giants” is now available online in all major stores and streaming sites! Head over to Bandcamp to check out the band and grab some cool merch Here.


Steven Graves

“How Long”, Steven’s 8th CD, leans more heavily toward the roots rock realms and even explores a new side with elements of gospel, soul, and R&B. Even so, there’s plenty of Americana, Country, and Jam/Dead influences present throughout the CD and like all of Steven’s music is woven together by finely crafted songwriting. The title and chorus lyrics of each song tell a story. The whole and extraordinary musicianship by Steven’s touring band and special guests. How Long couldn’t be any more perfectly timed given the current state of our world, music, and culture. The music connects the listener with a “collective consciousness” and desire for a more peaceful world all the while laying down undeniable and “impossible not to like” deep pocket grooves!

To learn more, grab the CD and see the tour schedule, check out his website Here.


Gary Blackburn

Like most artists, music has been his passion for a very long time. As a youngster, listening to his heroes that shaped and influenced him into what he is now, Gary still looks to have his own personal style. When you listen to his songs, Gary’s intention is that “Gary Blackburn” comes across, instead of, “Hey he sounds like whatshisname”. It has been a very long journey from his early days of playing at friend’s parties and wedding ceremonies to the present. Now Gary feels like he can say, “I have paid my dues to sing the blues”. Those few close friends who know Gary will understand that, and when he gets up on stage you can see, feel, and hear the emotion when he performs. Okay, enough of the tortured artist. As a Singer/Songwriter, Gary brings together his smooth vocals and stylized guitar picking to form his own unique sound in the Country, Blues, Rock genre. With such influences from James Taylor, Hank Williams Sr. to Dwight Yoakam. Developing his own personal style to his originals, blending old school with contemporary, along with an intimate and emotional stage presence, you will no doubt connect with his musical performance. Currently, Gary is front man in the Gary Blackburn Band. Check out a few tracks from Gary’s new album, Streak of Gray, below and then head to his tour schedule & booking information Here.