Michelle Blondis of Pastries & Pizza on The Rockin’ Chair, Sunday August 9

Join DJ Franny this Sunday from 1-2pm as she sits down with Michelle, co-owner of Bandon’s very own Pastries & Pizza, where they’ll spin some tunes and discuss all things sweet & savory.

Pastries & Pizza has freshly baked pastries made daily for your sweet tooth and delicious hand-made pizzas using fresh dough and ingredients of your choice, plus a huge variety of daily-baked breads. They are located at 490 Highway 101, and you can find them on Facebook.


Bandon’s very own Circles in the Sand to be featured on TV August 10-16!

On Tuesday, August 4, NBC Sports went down to Face Rock to video the Circles in the Sand labyrinth draw because they wanted to highlight Circles as part of the Bandon experience. They filmed the draw in advance to incorporate into the TV broadcast of the US Amateur Golf Tournament at Bandon Dunes, scheduled for August 10-16. Since no spectators will be allowed at the tournament, more people will be watching it on TV and seeing our beautiful home, which will mean more positive exposure for Circles in the Sand and the Bandon community. If you watch the golf tournament on the NBC Sports Network, look for Circles in the Sand! Hopefully, after it airs, there will be a link to see the Circles’ part, and probably other views of our beautiful area. KBOG will keep you posted!

For those of you who may not be aware, Circles in the Sand are Labyrinths (Walking Meditation) – A unique morning walk on the beach. The intention of Circles in the Sand is to share love, joy and kindness. Labyrinth Master Artist Denny Dyke and his team of Artists and Ambassadors create & share ” walkable art”, which is a sandy path through an entire pattern with no wrong turns or dead ends. The path is further enhanced with detailed designs and found beach treasures, and is open & free for all to enjoy. Donations to support the public work of Circles in the Sand are now tax deductible; so to learn more, view upcoming draws and contribute to this unique treasure, please visit the Circle in the Sand website. (Circles may be subject to cancellation due to inclement weather, rain and/or high winds).  To see Tee times and find the tournament schedule, please see the 2020 U.S. Amateur website.

(The US Amateur trophy visited the labyrinth for a photo shoot ,and Beachy Rockin’ Squatch welcomes everyone to beautiful Bandon!)

(Welcome NBC Sports, and leashed furbabies are welcome, bring a potty bag!)

(Beautiful decorative elements highlight our stunning Pacific coast)


KBOG & DJ Franny had great fun hosting the lovely ladies of Abba’s Organic Farm last Sunday. Thank you to “Abba”, Bethany and Sabiá for the excellent playlist and for dropping in and spending some time with us! Even Henry got in on the fun!


The Old Town Marketplace Farmers & Artisan Market is open!

The Old Town Marketplace Farmers Market features the best in farm fresh products and lovely artisan works from around Southern Oregon, be sure to get there early!

Saturday Aug 8
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Saturday Aug 15
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Saturday Aug 22
10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

250 First Street SW, Bandon. For more information, visit the Port of Bandon website Here.


Current info on COVID-19 – Our station is currently closed to all visitors. Only staff and designated volunteers can enter the building, but KBOG staff are available through email at contact@kbog.org. We are working hard to keep you up to date and connected through community radio.

The Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 pandemic is here in Oregon. Governor Kate Brown issued Executive Order 20-12. Worldwide, the virus has already killed hundreds of thousands of people, overwhelmed medical systems, millions have lost their jobs, many businesses are shuttered, and, experts say, this is far from over. To help you navigate how to respond to this public health challenge, below are some trusted sources of information for your review, including Frequently Asked Questions, the CARES Act, Unemployment and Small Business Resources:

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Inside


August is Water Quality Month!

The United Nations has declared August to be National Water Quality Month in order to bring awareness to the importance of water. This time is created to remind us to appreciate and protect our water resources. Water is the basis of all life and important to sanitation, human rights, urbanization, sustainability, economic growth, etc. Water pollution is a major problem in today’s world, and declaring August Water Quality Month is our nation’s effort to reduce pollution and raise awareness.

Some Facts:

  • According to the EPA, 40% of the nation’s waterways are suffering from water quality problems
  • Every second, the urban population grows by 2 people.
  • In Africa and Asia, the urban population is expected to double between 2000 and 2030.
  • The poor pay more. A slum dweller in Nairobi, Kenya pays 5 to 7 times more for a liter of water than an average North American citizen.
  • 828 million people live in slum conditions, lacking basic services such as drinking water and sanitation. This number is increasing by 6 million each year to hit a total of 889 million by 2020.
  • 62% of the sub-Saharan Africa urban population and 43% of the urban population of south-central Asia lives in slums.
  • One of four urban dwellers does not have access to improved sanitation facilities.
  • 27% of the urban dwellers in the developing world does not have access to piped water at home.

*Source- http://www.un.org/waterforlifedecade/water_cities.shtml

So how can we help?

  • Be Aware— Learn about the current water crisis and water pollution issues. Tell others why you’re participating in National Water Quality Month.
  • Get Involved— Reduce your household’s water usage by not wasting water while washing dishes, showering, or brushing your teeth. Take steps to save water by avoiding over-watering your lawn. Pick up trash and pet waste to avoid water pollution.
  • Be Used—Volunteer in a local cleanup/restoration project. Find ways that you can help with the water crisis locally, or start your own efforts.

Together we can make a large impact this month. Spread the word that all of August is National Water Quality Month! To learn more about this essential life resource, visit National Water Quality Month and the American Public Health Association.


August is Romance Awareness Month!

February isn’t the only romantic month on the calendar.  Check your relationship’s pulse during Romance Awareness in August. If it needs a jump start, there are lots of ways to put some spark back into the relationship. Add excitement by planning the unexpected. Surprise your significant other with a date night with only a few clues as to the destination. None of it needs to be expensive or elaborate, but making an effort to make the evening fun, spontaneous and memorable will be worthwhile. Maybe it’s a note clipped to a single flower saying you’ll pick them up at 7 PM and to wear sandals. It ends up with a picnic on the beach; or it could be a text to them that you’re in the mood for takeout, be ready in an hour – a three-hour road trip later and you’re at the nearest drive-in theater eating hot wings under the stars.

The simple things mean so much more than elaborate gifts. A wrapped mint slipped into a pocket with an encouraging message on the day of big presentation sends waves of support and love when it’s needed most. Sharing our successes with those we love is another way of enhancing the romance. Toast each other’s success and bask in the glow. Spend quiet time with each other. Read books, do chores, sleep. Just be. Sometimes, just being together in the same room generates energy that may have been missing. Cultivate activities as a couple you enjoy doing together. Whether you enjoy games, biking, sports, antiquing, travel, music or haven’t discovered your interest yet, get out there and explore.


Being aware of and adding more romance into your relationship will be a win-win for both you and your significant other. Passion has always been an essential part of relationships. Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference, such as; holding hands, a shoulder rub, a flower, making dinner together, playing your favorite song, leaving a personal note, or watching a movie together.


August is National Catfish Month!


August is here and so is National Catfish Month! Around the country, catfish finds its way onto menus and dinner tables providing a very tasty meal. But why is there a national commemorative month for it? National Catfish Month started in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan announced to the nation that there would indeed be a national month dedicated just to catfish. Catfish is one of America’s largest aquaculture products, but this month is more than just scarfin’ down this tasty meal. It’s about the agricultural importance of catfish in the economy and understanding the ‘ole fish itself.

Did you know?

  •     Catfish are the 5th most popular fish in America
  •     The largest confirmed record in the U.S. was a Mekong Giant Catfish weighing 646 pounds and measured nearly 9 feet long (That’s as big as a Grizzly Bear!)
  •     Catfish have over 27,000 tastebuds
  •     One catfish can lay up to 4,000 eggs a year, per pound of body weight
  •     Young catfish are called “Sac Fry” because they still live off food supplied by the yolk sacs
  •     When catfish reach 4 inches long they are called “Fingerlings” (The size of an index finger)

Catfish contain low levels of omega-3 fatty acids and a much higher proportion of omega-6 fatty acids. Delicious AND nutritious? We’ll take it and we’re ready to eat it all month long. Enjoy the delicious recipes from The Catfish Institute.


Oregon Votes 2020!

Don Merrill has been busy recording interviews from Oregon political candidates in advance of the November 2020 election, speaking with candidates for county district attorney, state legislature, state courts, Secretary of State, US Congress, and those Oregon residents aspiring to the presidency. They are conversations with candidates from across the political spectrum under the desired purpose of letting Oregonians hear directly from those who would represent them.

The approximately 30-minute long conversations explore candidate’s personal and professional views on current issues, based on questions complied from examining their voting and campaign finance records, social media and news reports. Interviews are shared throughout the Oregon Community Media network, which is a consortium of nearly 30 non-profit radio stations in the state. All of these interviews are available at http://Oregon2020.org and will be updated periodically.

Get Informed, Your Vote Matters!