This Sunday on The Rockin’ Chair with DJ Franny is Jen McCarthy from “Doggie Dates With Jen”, tune in from 1-2pm!

Dog trainer extraordinaire, Jen McCarthy, co-hosts this week’s The Rockin’ Chair with DJ Franny. Tune in this Sunday to hear some insider tips & tricks for our beloved furbabies, hear about Jen’s innovative inventions, and the ladies will spin some tunes! For more information, check out Doggie Dates With Jen.


KBOG’S Favorite Songstress, Laila Biali, November 6th Release Of “Both Sides Now”!

JUNO and SOCAN Music Award winner Laila Biali celebrates Canadian icon Joni Mitchell’s birthday with an intimate cover of Mitchell’s beloved song, “Both Sides Now”. Biali’s stripped down approach illuminates poignant lyrics that speak to the heart. Multi-award winning singer-songwriter and pianist Laila Biali has performed on prestigious stages from New York City’s Carnegie Hall to Beijing’s National Centre for the Performing Arts. Known for her signature sound that “masterfully mixes jazz and pop” (Washington Post), Biali has received top honors including a 2020 SOCAN Music Songwriting Award plus the 2019 JUNO (Canada’s GRAMMY) for Vocal Jazz Album. She has also toured with pop icon, Sting, and hosts a national radio show on CBC Music.

Have a listen to Both Sides Now below, check out Laila’s Quarantunes Series, and then head to Laila Biali on November 6th to get your copy!


October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month!

October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month and there are more dogs in need than ever! Check out the articles here for great information on adopting a dog, a dog adoption checklist, tips for the first thirty days of dog adoption and more!

But what if you can’t adopt? Here are some easy ways you can still help:

  • Donate your Facebook status. Just paste this message into the “What’s on your mind?” box at the top of your page: “October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month. Save a life: Adopt a dog!
  • Tweet, retweet and repeat the following (or your own brilliant message): “October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month. Save a life: Adopt a dog!
  • Contact your local shelter or rescue group (Coos County Animal Shelter, Friends of Coos County Animals, Soul 2 Soul Animal Rescue, Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center, Loved Again Pets, Oregon Coast Humane Society, Wild Rivers Animal Rescue, South Coast Humane Society) and ask if they have a donation wish list or other flyer they’d like to you to post around your office or neighborhood. They may be holding special events for Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month which you can help promote.
  • Donate to your local shelter or rescue group in honor of Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month
  • Sign up as a foster parent or shelter volunteer then tell your friends how great it is. Contact your local shelter or rescue group to find out how you can help.
  • Write an op-ed about the importance of pet adoption for your local paper.
  • Contact your local shelter or rescue group and offer to photograph their adoptable pets and upload the pics to Petfinder.
  • Pass on an understanding of the importance of pet adoption to the next generation. Talk to your kids, nieces, nephews, grandchildren and other up-and-comers about animal shelters and why Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month, and pet adoption in general, is important.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month, marked in countries across the world every October, helps to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection and treatment as well as palliative care of this disease. There are about 1.38 million new cases and 458,000 deaths from breast cancer each year. Breast cancer is by far the most common cancer in women worldwide, both in the developed and developing countries. Cases have been rising steadily in the last few years due to increase in life expectancy, increased urbanization and adoption of western lifestyles.

Currently there is not sufficient knowledge on the causes of breast cancer, therefore, early detection of the disease remains the cornerstone of breast cancer control. When breast cancer is detected early, and if adequate diagnosis and treatment are available, there is a good chance that breast cancer can be cured. If detected late, however, curative treatment is often no longer an option. In such cases, palliative care to relief the suffering of patients and their families is needed. The majority of deaths (269,000) occur in low- and middle-income countries, where most women with breast cancer are diagnosed in late stages due mainly to lack of awareness on early detection and barriers to health services.

2020 has been a powerful reminder that we are all in this together, and our choices and actions have the power to protect the most vulnerable among us in a big way. The same holds true when it comes to breast cancer. We can show every woman that her life is important! By working together, we can inspire hope and become a force for good “to get her” access to the care she needs. Check out the National Breast Cancer Foundation to see how you can help, find support and pick up a free Breast Problems E-book. Worried about cost? Visit Oregon’s National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program to see what resources are available.

Even lingerie brands are showing their support – Click Here and get shopping!


The Old Town Marketplace Farmers & Artisan Market is open!

The Old Town Marketplace Farmers Market features the best in farm fresh products and lovely artisan works from around Southern Oregon, be sure to get there early!

Saturdays, 10am-4pm, Oct 24 & 31. 250 First Street SW, Bandon. For more information, visit the Port of Bandon website Here.



Current info on COVID-19 – Our station is currently closed to all visitors. Only staff and designated volunteers can enter the building, but KBOG staff are available through email at We are working hard to keep you up to date and connected through community radio.

The Coronavirus Disease COVID-19 pandemic is here in Oregon. Governor Kate Brown issued Executive Order 20-12. Worldwide, the virus has already killed hundreds of thousands of people, overwhelmed medical systems, millions have lost their jobs, many businesses are shuttered, and, experts say, this is far from over. To help you navigate how to respond to this public health challenge, below are some trusted sources of information for your review, including Frequently Asked Questions, the CARES Act, Unemployment and Small Business Resources:

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Inside


International Artist Spotlight – RIPIO

RIPIO (Eduardo Costanzo – Solista) surgió en noviembre de 1998 en La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Eduardo Costanzo se lanzó como solista grabando todos los instrumentos de sus seis discos. Las influencias abarcan todos los estilos de heavy metal como power, trash, speed, hard, etc. En 2019, Ripio terminó la grabación del sexto álbum titulado La furia que hay en mi, con diez nuevas canciones. La grabación estuvo a cargo del ingeniero de sonido Juan Albariño. El primer y segundo cortes de emisión se denominan Can be y Returns, este último con un videoclip ya en rotación.

¡Mira un par de pistas a continuación, mira sus videos en Youtube y luego dirígete a Bandcamp para obtener tu copia!


October is National Farm to School Month!

October is National Farm to School Month, an annual 31-day campaign to recognize, appreciate and celebrate the connections happening across the country between kids, families and their community food systems. National Farm to School Month was designated by Congress in 2010, making this year’s campaign the 10th anniversary of National Farm to School Month celebrations. However, this October is looking very different than the previous nine years.

It Takes a Community to Feed a Community, and that’s been especially true this year. As our schools and early care and education sites, communities and food system continue to be impacted by the pandemic, we are approaching this October as an opportunity to honor all those who contribute to feeding our kids and communities – from farmers, harvesters and food hub distributors, to school nutrition professionals, educators, garden coordinators, bus drivers and more. This year, it’s been made very clear that the workers who keep our kids fed – many of whom are Black, Latino, Indigenous and other people of color – are often unseen, underpaid and undervalued for the contributions they make in our communities. Yet they’ve always been essential, and we know farm to school wouldn’t exist without them.

That’s why this October, we’re focusing on expressing appreciation and amplifying underrepresented voices in order to shift power to these essential workers and create a more just food system. Read on to get involved and join us! Visit National Farm to School Network Oregon’s resources for more information!


October 20 is International Sloth Day!

October 20th is International Sloth Day, a moment for the world to stop and appreciate the exquisitely strange gift that is the sloth. Below are some of the things you need to know to truly appreciate everything sloths can offer.But don’t rush through this. After all, sloths are famously slow. They probably wouldn’t want you to exert too much energy celebrating.

Their fur is crawling with critters – Sloth fur is long and coarse, and it features grooves and cracks that make a delightful home for things like beetles, moths, fungi, and (barf) cockroaches. The creatures also play host to a special type of algae that thrives in sloth fur, giving them a sneaky green tinge that allows them to blend into the tree canopy.

They sleep an enviable amount – No need to get up on this lazy Sunday! Especially if you consider that sloths can sleep between 15 and 20 hours a day, according to National Geographic. They don’t really see a point in pretending to get anything done while they’re awake, either. Even when they aren’t sleeping, they often sit motionless in the trees.

They are the slooooowest mammal on Earth – Their incredibly slow metabolism requires them to conserve energy at all costs. They nibble on fruit, leaves, and shoots, but it takes them days to digest a single leaf. They typically move about 41 yards a day, or less than half the length of a football field, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

They’ve got mommy issues – Baby sloths cling to their mothers for up to six months after birth. Once they can separate themselves from their moms, young sloths stay close to their mothers for two to four years, depending on the species. Even when separated by thick foliage, mother and baby will communicate by calling through the forest.

They’re giving Michael Phelps a run for his money – OK, so maybe they’re not as fast as an Olympian, but they are fantastic swimmers. Their inches-long claws prevent them from walking easily on land, but they glide easily through the water. In fact, they can even hold their breath for up to 40 minutes, according to World Animal Protection.

Enjoy a video of these adorable creatures below, and then head to The Toucan Rescue Ranch to see how you can help protect & save them!


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2020 is here. Domestic violence was already an epidemic before COVID-19, but the health crisis has caused a tremendous spike in incidents of abuse. Even as lockdown restrictions are lifted, the abuse will not simply end. It remains a critical time for survivors, and greater awareness, education, and bystander intervention are desperately needed. Silence and lack of knowledge about domestic violence and sexual assault play a large part in why they persist. Simply wanting to help is a huge step toward ending the shame and stigma that survivors are burdened with. Learn how to recognize DV/SA, what to do when you see it and how to stop it before it happens. Check out The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and No More to find resources, educational materials & ways you can help!


KBOG’s Favorite Local Recording Artist, Nyah, has dropped her new single!

InRage recording artist (and hometown Florence girl), Nyah, has released her newest single “Slowly Dying”, a lyrical take on the upheaval climate change & global warming are wreaking on the planet. A multi-talented singer/songwriter/performer, Nyah writes all of her lyrics and works side-by-side with producer Automatic to create the entire musical composition. You can check out her other tracks & videos on Facebook and YouTube and InRage Entertainment. Take a look at the promo and then have a listen to the track below, and head to Song Link to grab your copy!

Teaser promo:

Nyah is also a virtuoso with the National Anthem, gracing audiences of the Oregon Ducks, Portland Trailblazers & Eugene Emeralds many times. Because the pandemic has created strange times, Nyah had to be creative…so, “Team Nyah” built her a recording sound booth, and she was able to continue performing, “virtually”, all the way from Florence, Oregon! You can check out the video of her performance “for” the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers Right Here.

(Nyah’s ISO Booth, Performing the National Anthem for Century Link Field from Florence)


Oregon Votes 2020!

Don Merrill has been busy recording interviews from Oregon political candidates in advance of the November 2020 election, speaking with candidates for county district attorney, state legislature, state courts, Secretary of State, US Congress, and those Oregon residents aspiring to the presidency. They are conversations with candidates from across the political spectrum under the desired purpose of letting Oregonians hear directly from those who would represent them.

The approximately 30-minute long conversations explore candidate’s personal and professional views on current issues, based on questions complied from examining their voting and campaign finance records, social media and news reports. Interviews are shared throughout the Oregon Community Media network, which is a consortium of nearly 30 non-profit radio stations in the state. All of these interviews are available at and will be updated periodically.

Get Informed, Your Vote Matters!