Elvis Week – August 9-17

From the earliest days of the exploration and settlement of America, artists have been creating works that reveal the beauty, complexity, and meaning of this country and her people. Over the years American artists have developed innovative styles and delved into universal subjects in new ways. This month KBOG celebrates these artists of the past and present…

Debut Album – Sharon Fendrich, “Red Sky Prairie”

American neo-classical composer Sharon Fendrich captures the essence of emotions in her music written for piano, violin, cello, voice, flute, orchestra, and ambient sounds. Whether grief, sorrow, hope or love, the music is a place of peace and safety where listeners are invited to walk the pathways of their own experiences, dreams and memories. Along the way she welcomes the manifestation of grief processing, self-acceptance, tranquility, resolution and inspiration.

Fendrich pulls from poignant, emotional themes in her own life to create her lush, passionate melodies that immediately captivate the heart. Within the music one can hear her influences of Enya, Secret Garden, Ludovico Einaudi, David Lanz, Chopin, and Debussy. Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, USA, Fendrich began music studies at age three. She completed advanced studies in piano, choral music, conducting, orchestration and composition in college at Tufts University. Her current vocal studies include opera and musical theatre.

Ms. Fendrich presents her self-produced debut album, Red Sky Prairie. Grounded in Classical and inspired by New Age, the emotive melodies immediately captivate the heart. You will find a safe, comforting space to feel, experience and remember your emotions.

Check out a few tracks below and then head to her website Here, to learn more about Sharon, the contributing artists and grab your copy!

The title track, Red Sky Prairie, paints the vision Fendrich had of a place suspended in time where emotions are free to be felt, expressed and remembered. The piece balances a rumbling storm with the calm that follows. The reflective, Americana-esque theme and full orchestration features rich string lines from the violin and cello.

Never Alone is sung in Spanish, English and Yiddish. Inside a sanctuary, a refugee prays for help, safety and guidance. As the prayer echoes throughout the space the prayers of those who have had similar stories seem to echo in reply. The song was written during the summer of 2018, at the height of media attention in the USA over refugees entering the country from Latin America. The lyrics link the story with that of Jewish refugees in WWII.

Bittersweet Memory gently calls the listener away into a setting highlighted by a piano and flute duet. Memories of long-lost love are stirred anew, cherished for the sweetness they once provided, and again put back into memory.


Please join us on Saturday, August 17th at 10 A.M. for a FREE “Eating the Harvest” children’s class with Master Gardener Leslie Wirt. The class will be held at the Good Earth Community Garden located at 780 8th Court, SW, Bandon. For more information, please call 541-373-0910. We’ll see you there!


Gold Panning Day for Kids, August 18!

Free Summer Sunday at the Bandon Historical Museum, Visitors can strike gold at the Bandon Historical Society Museum. A gold panning station will be set up outside the museum from 10:00am to 3:00pm. For kids visiting the museum, the first pan of gravel is free. Adults can pan for $5.00 a pan and kids can pan again for $3.00 a pan. Museum admission is free on Sundays.
For more information on the Bandon Historical Museum, click Here.

Circles in the Sand – Labyrinths on the Beach – several dates in August!

Labyrinth – Walking Meditation – A unique morning walk on the beach. Labyrinth master artist Denny Dyke, creates “walkable art” which is a sandy path through an entire pattern with no wrong turns or dead ends. The path is further enhanced with detailed designs and is open for all to enjoy. Subject to cancellation due to inclement weather, rain, and / or high winds. For complete schedule, check the calendar Here.


Old Town Marketplace Farmers Market, Fridays and Saturdays 10am to 4pm, all summer long!

No great Northwest town would be complete without a farmers’ market where shoppers can find fresh local fruits and vegetables direct from local farmers. The really good ones also feature local bakers, artisans, and more. Bandon is no exception! Shopping at a farmers’ market benefits the farmer, the consumer and the local economy – The food is fresher and healthier, and the money spent stays in the community.

Every Friday and Saturday from May through December, the Old Town Marketplace at 250 1st Street near the boardwalk is filled with local farmers, bakers and artisans, selling their creations. Shoppers can find fresh produce, sweet and savory cheesecakes, plant starts, jewelry, art, coffee, baked goods, and much more, including wine & beer tastings from The Shed and fresh fish from Farm & Sea. The market is open from 10-4, but come early for the best selections!


Free Summer Sundays at the Bandon Historical Museum all summer!

During all of June through September 15 there will be free admission each SUNDAY thanks to our sponsors First Interstate Bank and The Best Western Inn at Face Rock. Bring the kids and have them do our “History Detective” challenge!


New Release! Vivaldi Four Seasons Educational Double Disc CD

Vivaldi Four Seasons Educational Double Disc CD

Camerata Chicago is thrilled to release its new double album of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, telling the story within the music. This is the first recording ever produced where Vivaldi’s seasonal elements and characters depicted in his score are presented with descriptive narrative and musical examples.

~ Amelia Piscitelli, violin
~ Steve Robinson, narrator
~ Drostan Hall, conductor

Enjoy this fabulous educational recording of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons brilliantly performed by seventeen year old violinist Amelia Piscitelli and Camerata Chicago conducted by Drostan Hall. This Double CD set is replete with poetry written by Vivaldi himself and incorporates more than twenty musical examples of seasonal elements and characters cleverly depicted in the music – all beautifully narrated by Steve Robinson of WFMT radio station fame.

Disc 1: Narrator Steve Robinson guides you through this iconic work, season by season, movement by movement, with explanations, musical examples, Vivaldi’s poetry and the music itself.
Disc 2: Complete recording of the four violin concerti comprising The Four Seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – each of which has three movements.

For children and adults alike, this recording is a wonderful exploration into Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The performance is first class from young violinist, Amelia Piscitelli and Camerata Chicago, led by Drostan Hall, while the narrative from Steve Robinson is highly informative and expertly delivered. I give this recording my highest recommendation.”
~ Lady Valerie Solti

We love this new recording of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons concerti so much we’ve featured all the tracks at least twice on the air! … This recording is a perfect blend of music and the spoken word … musically anchored by one of our country’s greatest chamber groups, Drostan Hall’s Camerata Chicago and beautifully laced with the exquisite brilliance of the talented young violinist Amelia Piscitelli. I wholeheartedly recommend this two CD set for everyone’s classical music library.
~ Stewart Jacoby, Director of Radio Programming, KEDT-FM, Corpus Christi, Texas

In honor of Summer, sample a couple of tracks below, and the head to Camerata Chicago’s online store Here to get your CD or download a digital copy!


Oregon Shorebird Festival to Feature Red Knot, Black Oystercatcher Presenters, September 20-22

Cape Arago Audubon Society will be bringing both advanced and beginning birders alike to the Southern Oregon coast on September 20 to 22 to see and hear award winning presentations on Red Knots and Black Oystercatchers at the 33rd Oregon Shorebird Festival. The festival is a celebration of Oregon shorebirds and an educational experience, with field trips, talks, bird watching, and shared meals.

Janet Essley will present on one of the furthest migrating species in the world, the Red Knot. She will take us on a journey with the Red Knot species of the Americas, roselaari and rufa, from their breeding grounds to non-breeding sites and back again, dipping into amazing sandpiper physiology related to their ability to migrate such long distances. Through the Cultural Cartography, Essley will guide us with incredible works of art through the science and conservation of this impressive shorebird.

The Blackoystercatcher is a charismatic and conspicuous shorebird of the west coast and currently is classified as a “species of high conservation concern”. Their health and reproductive success are being closely monitored by the Oregon Blackoystercatcher Project, co-led by Audubon Society of Portland staff scientist Joe Liebezeit. Liebezeit will present on the monitoring project aiming to provide new information about this species’ biology to better inform methods of protection.

Information about the festival as well as registration details can be found at www.oregonshorebirdfestival.org. Contact Harv Schubothe at (541) 297-2342 for more information.