Produce Your Own Show!

KBOG 97.9 is looking for volunteer community members to produce radio shows!

We are looking for people interested in producing & hosting shows on the topics below that the community has requested:
  • Local News & Events Reporting
  • Southern Oregon Music Scene
  • History of Bandon & Cultural Events
  • Local Government Happenings
  • Veteran’s Affairs
  • Outdoor Recreation – Fishing, Crabbing, Hunting
  • Parenting, Grandparenting and Children’s Shows
  • Pet Care & Animal Wellness
  • Indoor & Outdoor Gardening in Bandon
Something not on the list? Have an idea for a show?

We would love to hear about your idea for a show to include in our broadcast and our online stream. We will make every effort to find time for programming that is consistent with KBOG’s mission to celebrate, educate, entertain & connect diverse populations through inclusive programming that embraces and promotes cultural affairs, music, arts & humanities, local events and news that is important to our community.

Please submit a programming request form by clicking this link: KBOG Program Proposal or fill out the form below if you have an idea for a show you’d like to produce, music or topics to share, or you would like to be a guest on one of our locally-produced shows. If more than one person is signing up to co-host a program, please fill out a form for each person and submit them together. If you have music or a show already recorded, please submit the request form and then email your media in an mp3 or WAV file format to (or call us if you’re having trouble emailing at 541-329-2123). You can also mail a CD to KBOG Radio, PO Box 2042, Bandon, OR 97411.

The process for submissions is:
• Submit a show request form and, for Music shows send two sample playlists for full-length shows, including the artist, track & album for each song. Public Affairs/Talk shows, please send a sample “agenda” for full-length shows, including suggested guests, topics of conversation and prepared questions to help you guide the proposed dialogue (Music shows are generally 2 hours; Public Affairs shows are generally 1 hour).
• Your show idea is sent to the KBOG Programming Committee and we’ll reply to you with any questions/requests for more information (We may want to meet with you too!)
• The KBOG Station Manager notifies you about the decision regarding airing your show and, if successful, finalizes scheduling and sends you the Programming Contract to sign and return

We will offer training on the use of the transmitting and recording equipment at the studio, if needed, and you are invited to attend one of our meetings to see if there are others interested in helping you produce your show or find underwriting support.

We also ask that On-Air hosts volunteer for the station 1-2 hours/month aside from program, because community radio takes a community! We have lots of opportunities in areas like; Publicity, Fundraising, Administrative, Equipment & RF Studio/Sound Engineering, Training, On-Air Fill-in, Field Recording/Remote Broadcasting and Reporting/Special Interests.

If you have any other questions feel welcome to email us at If your show idea fits with our mission, we will do our best to help you have your voice heard!