Meet The KBOG Crew!

Eric, Chip & Joey with Tiki Squatch from Kris & Vince!

Chip & Joey messing around in KBOG’s satellite Studio West

Randy Hill from Blast To The Past cutting promos like a rock star!

The Original KBOG Volunteer Producers

(from left to right: Chip, Randy, Kari, Joey, Avery & Eric)

Kari Cordi from Bandon’s View, Bandon’s most opinionated transwoman!

Horton Hears From You!, Avery Horton, ready to stir the pot.

Chip Cassin of The Last Reel is laying down tracks in the studio with Kelly!

Our very first volunteer talk show producer, The Car Psychic Eric Kolari, is in the house!

Joey with KBOG’s first volunteer music show producer, Randy Hill from Blast To The Past!

Old-Timey photos getting the studio up

Rockin’ Squatch muscling in on Chip’s show

Rockin’ Squatch around the studio


Just a cool pic of our antenna mast