Dark Coast Locals

Southern Oregon music in the house!



We are a five piece band that features many genres of music including Indie rock, original tunes, Americana, Classic Rock and Rockabilly, Reggae, Western Swing and much more! Artists we like include k.d. lang, Elle King, Bruce Springsteen, Joan Osbourne, Chrissie Hyde, Emmy Lou Harris, Asleep at the Wheel and Fleetwood Mac. Check out some of their tunes on Soundcloud Here.

Music for all occasions can be provided from a private party to a wedding. We cover the Port Orford to Reedsport area, including Coos Bay, North Bend, Bandon, Coquille, Roseburg, Winston and Sutherlin. Contact Mary through Facebook for bookings in Coos and Douglas County in Oregon.



CAUGHT RED HANDED is a popular trio based in Bandon, Oregon. They perform regularly at pubs, coffee houses and festival events throughout Oregon and Northern California. They’re known for strong 3-part vocal harmony, flashy instrumental breaks and quirky conversation during live shows. The band brings together Bob Shaffar (fiddle & dobro), Kenny Croes (acoustic guitar, u-bass & banjo) and Mike Dado (bass guitar, acoustic guitar & banjo), all accomplished singers, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists in the country, bluegrass and folk traditions. They perform songs from their debut CD “Bustin’ Out” along with well-known tunes from the Americana songbook. Check ’em out Here. 


THE GOOD LOOKERS is made up of Joseph Decker and Bond Collins. Joseph says; “The music we make is a reflection of our upbringing, people we admire and the teachers we’ve known. Our hearts lie in the country, the Oregon south coast, the wild places. We met in the small town of Langlois, but that is only a small portion of the total story. Our influences are Loretta, Johnny, Waylon, Willie, Marty, The Jackson Five, Chet Atkins and many others. We are as much at home playing a set of country tunes as we are playing Jazz. We are usually on tour, sometimes on the south coast or the central valley, sometimes wintering in South Lake Tahoe, sharpening our chops. Langlois captured my imagination of what could be. I worked there on a cranberry/grass-fed beef farm and Bond worked at Flora’s Creek coffee. There is a brilliant synergy between the crafters and producers in that area, the likes of which I’ve never seen. There is also a love of live music that is rare in such a small community. The Spoon, The Langlois Cheese Factory, and Valley Flora all host music from time to time, even bands as ‘big’ as The California Honeydrops. We spent some time on KSKQ Farm Talk Radio discussing the differences between the monocrop farms I was raised on in the midwest and the focus on local producers here on the south coast. Bond is a certified Permaculturist as well as a singer/songwriter, so talks about the land, conservation, ecology, etc figure heavily into our lives.”

You can check out their tour schedule Here, and their Facebook page Here.


Allen Giardinelli is the leader of the Giardinelli Hot Club and has been playing music for 3 decades throughout 35 countries. He grew up performing and traveling the world with his musician parents, his father a producer/songwriter for European RCA and his mother a classical violinist with an abiding interest in rock, blues and jazz. Al began performing at a young age, both in the recording studio and on stage, and by the time he was in his early teens he’d acquired a proficiency in multiple musical genres, playing music full time and also touring with several rock and blues bands. Al discovered and developed a consuming interest in gypsy jazz, particularly the music of Django Reinhardt. Today Al has melded this interest with his lifelong love of Mississippi Delta blues to develop a unique style of his own, tinged with rock and Americana influences. He is an accomplished songwriter, arranger, and composer producing albums for his fellow musicians at Cymatic Sound Studios in Bandon, Oregon, where he can also be found performing in spare moments at Angelo’s Italy.

Giardinelli Hotclub is recording a new album right now, follow the GHC Facebook page Here for updates and schedule, and you can check out Al’s solo work Here.