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Every 4th Sunday, we air the half-hour podcast, Rural Roots Rising, produced by Rural Organizing Project, which will connect the dots between issues that impact rural Oregon, such as immigration, affordable housing and responding to disasters from wildfires to economic recession. With this focus we will be lifting up each month the ways rural Oregonians are building stronger and more vibrant communities!

RRR Episode for 5/23: Fighting for Rural!

In the midst of a global uprising for Black liberation, this episode of Rural Roots Rising highlights the Madras Key Club, who’s young leaders offer us one pathway toward the safe, welcoming, and multicultural communities that many of us are working towards.

Fighting for Rural features Kim Schmith, Kelsey Olivera, and Kelly Huang of the Madras Key Club sharing a story of multigenerational small-town organizing for equity! Madras Key Club is working inside the schools to build a more inclusive Jefferson County. You’ll learn about their work celebrating their family’s traditions in a local park, distributing Christmas gifts to families who can’t afford them, ensuring high school students can succeed in small towns, and creative problem-solving in the age COVID-19.

Madras Key Club hosted three cultural events over the summer of 2019 focused on Mexico, El Salvador and Peru, the three main Latino cultures represented by people in Madras, and Key Clubbers themselves. Kim also wrote for the local Madras paper about their Mexican Cultural Day and Peruvian Cultural Day.

Download this episode’s transcription here. Spanish translation coming soon!

If you are interested in connecting with rural Oregonians to start your own group, check out Rural Organizing Project’s resources at, or reach out at for direct support. To learn more about Rural Organizing Project (ROP) and how you can get involved, check out

Did you like the music in this episode? Listen to more Oregon-made music by The Road Sodas, and Diana Wild and support these local artists!

Rural Roots Rising is a production of the Rural Organizing Project. Thank you for listening!


The rest of the time we’ll dedicate the show to our audience with Listener’s Choice – A variety of regional themes such as Bay Area and Pacific Northwest musicians, plus Independent Artists and whatever you request! Drop us a line below and we’ll put together a show!


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