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The Eartheart radio show was created by veteran radio disk jockey, vocalist & minister, Reverend Derek Moody aka Shankara Das in August 2019 and is based in Ashland, Oregon.

Realizing that radio is mostly corporate fodder, small chunks of community radio gold and a lot of right wing fundamentalist Christian programming, Derek decided to create something positive and high frequency to share with the world. Besides hosting his 20 year running Church of Rock radio show with his CO-producer and CO-host sister Tracy, he is now hosting (Sister Tracy is official co-producer) and producing the weekly, one hour Eartheart radio show.

Instead of going to church or temple on Sundays, Derek has created a sort of sanctuary or radio temple for those inclined to spiritual desires and needs. It’s a place to celebrate community as well as spirituality and social Justice.

The show is basically made up of 4 parts including beautiful music, a positive news segment, a weekly guest and each week a saint or high frequency human is spotlighted. Some of our past Eartheart radio show guests have included 1960s counter culture icon Wavy Gravy & spiritual teacher & kirtan artist Bhagavan Das.

Future guests include: Peter Mount Shasta discussing Saint Germain and Jupiter Moon discussing his upcoming book release.

Plans are also underway to conduct a live chanting of the word OM, on live radio with a group of people, as we send out love and prayers for world peace and we will meditate upon the thought of world peace as we chant OM on live radio.

The show does archive all of the past broadcasts on our nonprofit YouTube channel which can be found by going to Eartheart radio on YouTube! Please subscribe? For more information, comments, show ideas or criticisms please contact Derek Moody personally at :



  • Sunday - 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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