Rockin’ in the Days of Confusion

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Rockin’ in the Days of Confusion revisits the golden age of FM rock radio (roughly the years 1968-76). It was the early 1970s, and things were changing. The Beatles had split up. Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison were dead and gone. The issues that had united a generation of young Americans had evolved. Civil Rights, once a black and white issue, had expanded to include Latinos, Native Americans and other ethnic groups. New movements like Feminism and Gay Rights were beginning to become part of the zeitgeist, and would continue to gain ground over the years. The Vietnam War was finally over (along with a military draft that had disproportionately affected the economically disadvantaged), leaving the antiwar movement without an obvious target. In short, the early 70s were days of confusion for the generation that had grown up in tumultuous, yet oddly enough focused, 1960s.

The music of that generation was evolving as well, with new genres such as heavy metal and electronic rock taking their place alongside the folk-rock and psychedelic rock that had characterized the final years of the previous decade. Many rock musicians were looking to other disciplines such as jazz, classical and R&B for inspiration, giving rise to hybrid genres like fusion and art-rock. In short, the early 70s were days of confusion musically as well as socially.Rockin’ in the Days of Confusion emphasizes longer album tracks covering a variety of rock sub-genres, including hard rock, folk-rock, heavy metal, jazz-rock fusion, art-rock and more experimental tracks that defy easy classification.


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