Retro Cocktail Hour

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The home of space age pop and incredibly strange music, the Retro Cocktail Hour serves up the music that’s “shaken, not stirred”. Pour the Mai Tais and join in for two hours of exotica, crime jazz, bossa nova, Now Sound, space age pop, groovy soundtracks, Bollywood weirdness and other incredibly strange tunes.

The Retro Cocktail Hour is a weekly nod to the Space Age Pop revival. Here you’ll find vintage recordings from the dawn of the Hi-Fi Era – imaginative, light-hearted (and sometimes light-headed) pop stylings designed to underscore everything from the backyard barbecue to the high-tech bachelor pad. Darrell Brogdon serves up two hours of incredibly strange music on Kansas Public Radio, so grab a cocktail shaker and join us for the Retro Cocktail Hour.


  • Saturday - 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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