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In a time when news of war and conflict and political divisiveness seem to fill our media, the Peace Talks Radio series tries to take back some media real estate for talk about making peace in our daily lives as well as to provide information on topics that relate to a more peaceful world – locally, nationally and globally.

Suzanne Kryder, Peace Talks host says: “We’re operating on the theory that any kind of violence, even on a global scale or a large nation-to-nation scale, really starts within an individual’s heart. It really starts with individuals not getting their needs met. We look at issues like creating justice for people but we also want to take it down to just an individual level of how people make peace within themselves, or between two people, in small groups, in neighborhoods, and families. We also look at communities where people tend to have conflict, like in the workplace or at school. We really try to address the day to day issues of how people can prevent violence.”


  • Friday - 8:30 am - 9:30 am


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