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Local Smoke – Cannabis Flavored Radio was established in 2017 when Roo Grostein was approached by a Community Radio Station in Oregon. They saw the need for an informed and professional cannabis radio show to be a part of the programming lineup at the Rogue Valley’s favorite community radio station. Located in the most important cannabis growing region in the state of Oregon, the Rogue Valley, it was only natural that the people of the area would want to stay informed about cannabis, hemp and the related culture & news that are so entrenched in this community.

At that point, Roo Grostein was the long-time General Manager at one of the oldest and most respected medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries in Southern Oregon, Talent Health Club. Having been a medical cannabis patient, grower and entrepreneur himself for over a decade, Roo was the perfect fit!

His focus has always been on the normalization of the world’s most important plant utilizing a truthful and objective look at how prohibition and the new era of legalization fit into our communities and our world. Roo was inspired to bring an ‘industry insider’ perspective to the production of the world’s first Cannabis-Flavored Radio Show meant for public consumption!

With the intention of lifting up the cannabis community and the industry to their rightful and respected places in the new era of politics, economy and culture–one that accepts cannabis as important and necessary-Local Smoke is defining what it means to be a cannabis news and media source. Local and professional all at the same time, Roo Grostein will change what you think about cannabis and help listeners discover how prolific and significant the rediscovered cannabis plant truly is. Thanks for listening!



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