Secular Talk with Kyle Kulinski

We all have listened to radio shows several times in our lives. You may even have a set of radio shows or a favorite one that you love to listen to. There are different types of radio shows though. Today, we want to talk about a very special progressive talk show. Secular Talk with the host Kyle Kulinski. However, we should probably find out what a progressive talk show is first.

Radio shows have evolved a lot during time. Generally, the radio shows we most identify are simple music shows that play specific genres. Of course, there are radio formats that, although less popular, have nothing to do with playing music. One of these formats is the talk show. A talk show consists mainly in a discussion about a topic. The people participating in the show are led usually by a single host. Interviews are also common.

The talk show radio format eventually evolved as well to give birth to two new formats. Progressive talk shows and conservative talk shows. Progressive talk shows are pretty much talk shows that make sure to express a progressive, liberal, leftist point of view. On the opposite side, conservative talk shows express opinions based in conservative, right-leaning interpretations. Progressive talk shows, although generally less popular than their counterparts, became especially popular in the 21st century. The most common platform for this format is podcasts and internet radio. This is the case for Secular Talk.

On April 22, 2008, Kyle Kulinski created a YouTube channel called Secular Talk. The channel  evolved from being a personal space to share ideas to a progressive talk show. Nowadays, Secular Talk has more than 650,000 subscribers and its videos have been watched more than 536,000,000 times.

Kyle Kulinski also has strong political participation outside of his show. On January 23, 2017, he co-founded Justice Democrats. Justice Democrats is a group that promotes progressive candidates within the Democratic Party. They hope to establish a strong social-democratic agenda, such as the one promoted by Senator Bernie Sanders.

Kyle Kulinski was also highlighted for being one of the only hosts of a progressive talk show that talked about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s primary challenge when going against Joe Crowley. Most of the news outlets that reported the primary challenge waited until Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced her  victory. Kulinski did it before the announcement.

As radio evolved during time, several radio formats became a fundamental part of our culture. Nowadays, progressive talk shows, especially ones like Secular Talk is at least an enormous part of the political culture of many places.

It’s time to make sure we listen.

Check out Secular Talk Here and on YouTube.