The KBOG On-Air Swap Shop

Coming Soon!

Folks in Coos County like a good bargain and can remarkably re-utilize anything with seemingly little life left.
Have something to sell? Something to give away? Looking for a good deal on something? Have a trade or barter to make?
Share it with the KBOG On-Air Swap Shop! We also want to hear if you are having a garage, yard or rummage sale, we’ll announce it on the air. Let us know the details in the “Message” below, such as directions, times and what types of items are available.

The KBOG On-Air Swap Shop is a local call-in program which airs Fridays 11am-12noon . Folks looking to buy, sell or give away their items are encouraged to call in directly during that period, and the posts made here will be read by the DJ when there are no immediate callers.

Alternately, you can submit your KBOG On-Air Swap Shop items on the form below. All posts will be reviewed by staff as soon as possible and added to our on-air reading material. Feel free to call the station at 541-329-2123 for more information.

Rules for the KBOG On-Air Swap Shop:

No commercial items, no rentals/rent to owns, no service ads, no babysitting, no selling of pitbulls, and no salvage services of any kind.

We try to make every effort to place items posted on our website into our on-air mailbag but do not guarantee that it will be read on the radio.

Buyer beware: KBOG is not responsible for any items purchased or sold through the On-Air Swap Shop.